Late Model Restoration overhauling their Ford Mustang image

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The Ford Mustang aftermarket is loaded with players, big and small.  What it does have less of, however, is truly real players in the game.  Key businesses and people like this are hard to come by, so when you land upon the doorstep of a great thing, you tend to take notice.

The fine people at Late Model Restoration make up one of the top aftermarket companies in the Ford Mustang scene.  Their long-term dedication to their products, service, and people is totally world-class…and now, they have completely revamped their online presence, exhibiting just what they are–real Mustang fans, focused upon one thing only…the Mustang enthusiast community.

An all-new YouTube channel, loaded with great Mustang tech and goodies awaits you.  There’s no gimmicks, no pressure to drop a dramatic dollar, and no fake-ness.  Late Model Restoration is just putting on some solid content for the people who matter most in this hobby–all of us Mustang fans out there.

Be sure to hit up their blog and video channel using the link, below!

Source: Late Model Restoration

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