Anticipated Ford Mustang to be 2014 1/2 model

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It seems like everyone and their offspring has some sort of conjecture surrounding the 50th Anniversary Edition of the Ford Mustang, right?  Well, who wouldn’t?  This is likely one of the most exciting domestic automotive events which will transpire in the lifetime of most.  What other successfully (note: we said successfully) branded cars, to date, have ever made it 50 years without a single lapse in production?  Few, if but a handful.  The 2014 1/2 or the 2015 Ford Mustang is slated to be the most expected and exciting rendition yet.

According to some sources “in the know”, Ford is set to produce a limited (surprise, surprise) run of 2014 1/2 Ford Mustangs, just to pay tribute to the 1964 1/2 moniker that took the heart of American automobile passion by storm.

Again, no one particularly knows just what is going to come about regarding this new generation of Ford Mustang, but everyone knows for sure, it’s going to have to be something big to lead and live up to all the hype that’s flowing about.  Until we know more, keep biting those nails…

Source: MustangHeaven

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