Must See – Project Wild Horse 1971 Ford Mustang

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Ever run across a Ford Mustang and think, “I need to get one of these and do THAT!”?  Yeah, all too often, the StangNet team gets bitten by that very same bug.  One such crazy-awesome restoration of a 1971 Mustang we found over at our friends with Jeff Lilly Restoration definitely got us thinking about the glorious big block days.  Their “Wild Horse” project car set upon restoring a ’71 Mustang from the ground up, giving it a completely new life…one perhaps even more fantastic than when it rolled off the FoMoCo assembly line.  You be the judge.

Hit the link over at Jeff’s site, below and check out a clean classic Mustang.  One that is insanely clean…almost too clean, if there could be such a thing in the automotive realm.

Source: Jeff Lilly Restorations

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