Upcoming Ford Mustang rendered from latest spy shots

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Remember those spy shots of the 2014 Ford Mustang that floated around the web last week?  Yeah, they didn’t really show too much more than we had already expected, but what’s cool about what we’ve scooped up this week, is that the team over at CarBuzz has taken those same images and refactored them in a totally slick “what if” rendering.

 Beheld commonly as the “S550” platform, the 6th generation of Mustang is well-poised to soak up every ounce of the automobile limelight when the time comes.  From what we’ve seen, the conceptual designs and mules do indeed exhibit styling cues from the Evos concept Ford slapped down very early in the pursuit of the 50th Anniversary Mustang dream.  What’s more, Ford’s continuing the push toward a unified global platform, more and more, with lightening up the car, hinting at an IRS configuration, and offering one of the most varied engine lineups we’ve seen since the late 80s / early 90s.


Source: CarBuzz

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