Ford Mustang concepts which failed to make the cut

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Between 2-seaters, 4-doors, and wagons galore, let’s just say one thing now–and RIGHT now…let’s be glad the Ford Mustang is where it is, because it is what it wasn’t! There are and were lots of ideas about what the Mustang should have looked liked and what many THINK it should look like tomorrow, but it is always a bit entertaining to step back and looks inside the annals of history and contemplate what could have made it to Production. And maybe have failed.

It’s no secret the Ford Mustang is one of the most popular automobiles in the world, but what the biggest question we toss around is, is it the dreams behind it or the fans driving it which made it what it was, is, and what will become? Take a look at this article we found, which dives into several Mustang concepts from times past, and shows us just what could have been, scary is it were…and is…

Source: AutomobileMag

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