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Personalized Protection – Photo Car Covers

S197 Ford Mustang car cover

Spring is upon most of us (sorry polar people) and the time to break the Ford Mustang out of its slumber is here.  Most Mustang fans that don’t daily-drive their pony cars have a garage or at least try to keep their ride(s) covered up somehow to avoid the detrimental elements.  If you don’t have a cover for the storage of your car, be it inside or outside, then we have a neat treat for you.  If you do have a cover, well, you might take a second look at the latest from Photo Car Covers.  They have a unique product, indeed, as their covers are completely personalized to match your ride!  Photo Car Covers utilize a breathable material that is printed with a digital photo of your choosing, so you can exhibit your car even while it’s covered up!  Check out more in the official Press Release.

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Saleen: “Prior Warranty? No Problem.”

Steve Saleen to Honor Past Warranties on Vehicles

Contending with bad PR these days is seemingly the new norm. To many owners, the collapse of Saleen, Inc was a shock and a major let-down, and it left many wondering what they were to do going forward.  After Steve Saleen ventured off on his own with SMS Limited, there seemed to be even less hope in the eyes of Saleen owners and Ford Mustang fans alike.  Yesterday, however, a little bit of confidence was restored in the Saleen brand of times past, with Steve Saleen announcing that his new venture would honor existing owner warranties on cars and aftermarket parts.  Check out the specifics on how owners can get their claims made in the official press release from SMS Supercars. Continue Reading →

S197 Ford Mustang Anti-Dive Kit

Ford Mustang anti-dive kit

Corner carvers around the world know full well the pain of dramatically shifting weight & inertia while turning and stopping.  Beefing up the suspension, stiffening the body, and reducing weight have always been great way to help alleviate body roll and tuck.  One product recently released for the 2005 – present Ford Mustang is the Anti-Dive kit from Global Performance Parts.  The kit essentially replaces the front control arm main bushings with heavy duty urethane pieces and offers an immediate and inexpensive remedy for nose dive during braking on the S197 Ford Mustang.  The also incorporates a caster adjustment which helps to improve steering response, resulting in a better road feel and tightened control of the vehicle under stress.  Check out more in the Press Release from Global Performance!

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Blown Away: Roush Power Pipe Kit

Roush Power Pipe

Following closely on the coat tails of the the 2010 Roush 427R Ford Mustang, the folks at AFM have taken the wraps off their latest aftermarket intake piece.  This Roushcharger Power Pipe Kit (PKAF-0126C) for the 2009 – 2009 Ford Mustang is specifically tailored and tweaked (utilizing the new Abaco DBX 97mm digital mass air meter) to be applied to Mustangs equipped with the Roushcharger.  The PKAF-0126C is also equipped with the largest air box on the market, with over 819 cubic inches of cool, dense air flow being passed to the DBX 97mm digital MAM.  A 4.5″ mandrel bent, ceramic coated Power Pipe brings the fruit to market and results in a flow rate of 1300 CFM.

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2010 Ford Mustang GT Shaker Hood by CDC

2010 Ford Mustang GT Shaker Hood

It is pretty sweet to see how the key aftermarket players focused on the Ford Mustang have continually sought to bring innovation, technology, and design improvements to fruition.  Classic Design Concepts (CDC), a very worthy player in the aftermarket, has just completed the finishing touches on the new Shaker Hood System for the 2010 Ford Mustang GT.  To the lucky owners of these newly refreshed pony cars comes the chance to add a bit more flamboyance to their Mustang with this high-performance, quality Shaker Hood System (which is designed and engineered to OEM specs).  This Shaker Hood System is a completely functional apparatus that ducts in fresh, cool air into the factory or even an aftermarket air intake.  The kits come complete with all the hardware, ducting, the template, and of course, detailed instructions to get the job done right.  Check out the close-up of this new hood setup & notice the attention to detail by CDC on this piece!

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APR Signs off on the Wide Body Ford Mustang

APR Performance Ford Mustang

Chalk up another special edition Ford Mustang to the collection.  This wide-body beast by APR Performance is a tweaked-out road racer that is ready to plaster a grin on any Mustang fan’s face.  With almost every modification possible thrown at this S197 Mustang, APR has made sure to get it done…and done right.  The widebody aerodynamic kit applied to this Ford Mustang keeps the retro look, aggressive stance, and most importantly sharp lines to cut the air while racing at the track.  In addition to the broad stance, the body kit also holds host to an upgraded wheel opportunity; front wheels up to 20″x9.5″ and rear wheels up to 20″x12.5″ are easily mated to the Mustang with this setup.  Keep reading to get all the official details on this APR Mustang monster…and as always, plenty of eye candy lies within.

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NXT Generation Debuts Battery Tray & Master Cylinder Cover

2005-2009 Ford Mustang Battery Tray & Master Cylinder Cover Kit

Just like we told you in a recent Ford Mustang aftermarket announcement, the parts offerings continue to stack up and key players are always emerging with something slick to drop a coin upon.  A few weeks ago, NXT Generation debuted their new 2005-2009 Ford Mustang Battery Tray & Master Cylinder Cover Kit.  It’s made of the same black textured plastic as the factory cowl panel and radiator cover and the pieces bring a clean, finished look to both V6 and V8 Mustangs.  Keep going to get a better look at the product or you can head to to check out more information on this latest offering from NXT.

NewTakeOff Announces Dual Exhaust for V6 Ford Mustang

NewTakeOff Dual Exhaust for the V6 Ford Mustang

UPDATE – 4/22/09:  Sale pricing ended March 31, 2009.

The aftermarket for the Ford Mustang continues to persevere and remain strong as ever, despite some economic uncertainty.  Key players, such as, keep everyone in the [after]marketplace pleased with the most popular of pieces for their pony cars.  One of the latest in the NewTakeOff portfolio is the 2005 – 2009 V6 Ford Mustang 2.5″ True Dual Cat-Bback with an X-pipe.  Their partnership with Pypes Performance Exhaust has resulted in this tailor-made exhaust system for the late model V6 Mustang owner looking for upgraded performance and the looks of the GT at a sweet low price.  Keep reading to get the specs & pricing on this new setup! Continue Reading →

Steeda Releases Belt Drive for Whipple Superchargers

Steeda Belt Drive for Whipple Superchargers

With the omnipresent risk of supercharger belt slip, many Ford Mustang owners loathe the notion of power loss and even worse, a broken belt.  Steeda Autosports has developed a noteworthy solution to this widespread dilemma with their Steeda Supercharger Belt Drive system for Whipple superchargers.  The new Steeda Belt Drive setup, when tested, showed improved boost pressure (12 to 13 psi) from the standard rating of the Whipple’s 10psi; illustrating the reduction in belt slip.  When a Whipple-blown Mustang is pushed even harder, the pulley setup also has a retention wall for the belt to keep it in place and out of harm’s way, pulling and generating the power it was meant to rather than becoming an expensive underhood bull whip.  Keep reading to get the full scoop from Steeda and check out their Whipple Belt system in action.

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New Ford Mustang Dress-Up Products from UPR

New UPR Ford Mustang Products

Just ahead of the tax time rush, several key aftermarket players focused on the Ford Mustang have a few treats to unleash to the hibernating fan base. UPR Products recently gave us a firsthand look at a few dress up items they are excited to unveil. These dress-up parts for the S197 Ford Mustang are just the beginning of their continued aftermarket penetration. Keep reading to get a good look at these new Ford Mustang products from UPR and get the official descriptions for each of them.

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