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Former Saleen Crewmen Create TechCo

TechCo forms to create a Ford Mustang supercharger

A collection of the crew from Saleen Inc. has combined their efforts and formed a new organization titled TechCo. The focus of TechCo is to provide advanced, cutting-edge performance parts in the aftermarket arena. One of the inaugural products they have designed and produced is a twin-screw supercharger made specifically for the 4.6L V8 found in the Ford Mustang. The company also has blower units for Dodge’s HEMI applications, as well as the LS engines found in the C5 and C6 Chevrolet Corvettes. First deliveries of their products are expected to begin shipping this month, so if you are anxious to order, keep reading to find out more about their offerings in the Press Release.

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Covering Cooper & Roush Live from South Haven

We were recently invited to join Cooper Tires and Roush Performance at an unveiling event for a new high-performance tire (the RS3) that Cooper has developed exclusively for Roush Performance.  A nice dinner kicked off the event Monday (9/29/08) evening, track time took up all day Tuesday, and travel home closed it up on Wednesday.  We all tore up the 1.88-mile course at Gingerman Raceway in a Stage3 Roush Mustang to get a first hand feel of the results.  You’ve got to see the pictures!

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Mustang Mass Air Conversion

In this document, I will outline the steps to convert a speed density mustang to the MAF system. I am generating this because I felt the documentation I had to work with could be improved. This is based on my own personal experience converting my 88LX convertible to MAF and the instructions that came with the kit I bought. The color codes of the wiring are what I saw in my car and may not be the same but probably are. This document is for reference only and I accept no responsibility for what you do to your car.

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Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter for the Tremec 3650

We knew right from the start what the first modification to our Project Bullitt would be – the now infamous Steeda Tri-Ax shifter. Before the arrival of our Bullitt, we had not yet driven a car with the new Tremec 3650 transmission. We knew that this tranny would be a much improved version over the older T45. Tremec states that this is actually not a re-designed T45, but rather a new tranny designed from the ground up. Within the first 3 days of having our Project Bullitt, we put over 1400 miles on it. We took delivery of the car in Dearborn, MI and drove her home to Auburn, AL. The transmission feels great. Shifting is more precise and the gear ratios seem to work better with the car. The stock shifter included with the 3650 does a fine job, but, being the gearheads we are, we knew that we had to have an aftermarket one. We wanted more precise shifts and the less ‘cushiness’ factor.

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