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2014 Ford Mustang USAF Thunderbird Edition

Every summer in Oshkosh, WI the EAA AirVenture event takes place, with the Ford Mustang and many other exhibits of speed on-hand to demonstrate just how awesome American aeronautical engineering truly was…and still is.  The latest commemorative Mustang to help mark the occasion is a special 2014 Mustang designed to pay tribute  to the Unite States Air Force Thunderbirds division, equipped with plenty of go-fast goodies and a truly unique Ford VIN of 0001 in the 2014 model year.

The 2014 Mustang GT decked out in USAF regalia will be donated for auction at the Gathering of Eagles charity event on August 1st during the AirVenture exhibition…the world’s largest collection of aviation pomp & circumstance.

Keep reading to get the entire story in the official Press Release from Ford…

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Mach 1 and Shelby GT350 return to Ford Mustang roster

We know the 50th Anniversary of the Ford Mustang is set to capture most of the news bites from mid-year through next spring when it all goes down, so hey, why not keep throwing gas on the flames, right?  The latest morsels released indicate Ford is likely to drop the Shelby GT500 and bring back some sort of SVT Cobra Mustang.  At the same time, the Shelby moniker isn’t going to vaporize from the Mustang lineup anytime soon, rather, sources hint at the return of the Shelby GT350 near the 2016 model year, if not prior.

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Ford Mustang in Formula DRIFT Championship this weekend

Got plans for this evening or tomorrow?  If you are in the Jersey Shore area this weekend, then you have a fair chance for a smoky Ford Mustang treat.  The 2013 Formula DRIFT championship is all set up, with Vaugn Gittin, Jr. set to defend his 2012 championship, and Mustang mate Justin Pawlak resting solid at 8th place in the overall points competition this year.  As we stated earlier, Ford Motor Company is the leading the points race in the Manufacturer Cup, too–that’s awesome!

The excitement will all take place at the Wall Stadium Speedway today and tomorrow (June 22nd), in New Jersey.  Keep reading to get the full scoop in the press release, following!

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LateModel Resto Project Coyote Ford Mustang is alive

We were the first to do it right.  There’s no hacked-up Ford Mustang with a Coyote power plant with regard to ‘Built to Cruise’ in any way.  We had help from a plethora of aftermarket partners to champion the car project, and there have been a few other players out there who’ve started their own swaps based upon pioneering ventures witnessed.  LateModel Restoration is one of our long-time partners in the Mustang realm and they now have their own swap project near completion, ready for public consumption.  Their 1997 Cobra Mustang is the latest swap they have tackled and there’s a video posted out there with some captioned details about what all they have put into it.  So be sure to check out their video (link below) and shout out to let us know what you think!

Source: LateModel Restoration

2013 Formula DRIFT Round 3 this weekend

It’s that time, Ford Mustang fans…the 2013 Formula DRIFT season is upon us!  The Ford team will be represented by the points leader, Vaughn Gittin Jr and the 2011 champ, Justin Pawlak this time around.  Of all the manufacturers in the entire competition, the Ford boys have everyone else waxed out with their customized Mustangs.  Round 3 of the Formula DRIFT championship will start later this week (May 31 – June 1) at Palm Beach International Raceway in Jupiter, Florida, so if you have any desire to see some Mustangs pump out some serious smoke, then you are definitely in the right time slot.

If you are able to get out to PBIR this weekend, you’ll also be able to check out the Ford Mustang V6 & GT, a hot Focus ST, and also a customized Fusion in track-side exhibit.  Also, there will be a Ford Mustang Customizer booth to let racing & drift fans design their very own dream drifter car!

Be sure to check out the full scoop of details in the Press Release, following.

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Why yes, it is a NASCAR-powered Ford Mustang

Ever wonder what it would be like to modify a Ford Mustang to have more power for miles of smiles?  Hah, pure rhetoric, right?  What Mustang fanatic hasn’t gotten bitten by the modification bug and not been able to leave well enough alone?  These are of but a few, that’s for sure.

One of those bitten (and seriously infected) by the bug is Marc Sorger, the general manager at The Mustang Shop, a facility dedicated to Mustang restorations and tuning.  Marc, like so many before (and after) wanted more, so he took his 2008 Mustang GT and gave it some upgrades to bolster the output to 724hp on the pavement.  So, was that enough?  Nope, it never is.

The short story of this one is Marc took a NASCAR engine from Mark Martin’s Pfizer race car and slapped it into his 2008 Mustang GT.  The rest, as they say, is history…and the video here and the other moving pictures at Motor Authority will get you the “rest of the story”.

Source: Motor Authority

Ford Racing stretches the 2014 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet

Well, that didn’t take long…just a couple of months after announcing the 2014 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet would get a few updates, Ford Racing has already put a test on paper with a development prototype at the South Georgia Motorsports Park in Adel, GA.  Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords magazine and Ford Racing engineers were on-hand to take the 2014 Cobra Jet down the strip to help collect direct and subjective data to help bolster the track talent of this quarter mile monster of a 2014 Mustang.

A few noteworthy, although not earth-shattering, changes from the 2013 Cobra Jet include: a lighter body, electric power steering, an updated roll cage, enhanced Recaro FIA racing seats, improved suspension geometry, and a parachute mount.  Additionally, the 2014 Cobra Jet will get two new hues for views: Gotta Have It Green as well as a Matte black.

Source: MustangsDaily


Book Bites – The Art of the Muscle Car

Every Ford Mustang and domestic muscle car fan knows what it is like to step back and bask in the scenery which reminds each one of us of yester-year.  Classic cars, regardless of their age, year, make, model, and popularity always seem to somehow bring up memories via the very sight of them or more significantly, the sound & smell of them.  So if anyone is wondering what it is to look upon such exhibits of true muscle and feel the incredulous nostalgia, regardless of personal age, there’s a way to get it anytime you want…not just at the local swap meet or car show.

Motorbooks will be releasing a compendium of classic car awesomeness in less than 10 days.  The title?  “The Art of the Muscle Car”.  And it’s chocked-full of images and back stories galore on the best of what America has had to offer since the glory says of the muscle car’s birth in the latter 1960s.

Curious to know more?  Read the rest of this for the book’s description, and make sure to pick up a copy for yourself or another car junkie in your social circles!

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Ford rolls out Millionth Ford Mustang at Flat Rock plant

So what do you do when you roll out your number 1,000,000 mass-produced model vehicle off the line on its 49th birthday?  You keep pressing out without taxpayer dollars, focusing on the amazing legacy built and the 50th anniversary Ford Mustang coming up–that’s what.  A mild celebration of quality pony car assembly yesterday at the Flat Rock Assembly plant, marked also the 5th-generation Mustang design back in 2004, and laid host to many smiles and handshakes across the hood.  After all, it’s not every year a vehicle manufacturer gets to boast the fact they have been on the same line for nearly fifty years, in the 6-figure unit count.

Number 1,000,000 ended up being a 2014 Mustang GT convertible, lacquered in Ruby Red (pictured), and definitely captured the attention of all in attendance.  It marks the fact Ford has sold over 8.5 million Ford Mustang units since its inception.  That’s awesome, I don’t care who you are.

Keep reading for the rest of the scoop in the official Press Release from Ford.

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Happy 49th Birthday Ford Mustang!

OK, so we need a show of hands for the string of automobiles in the world that have undergone nearly half a century of uninterrupted mass-production.  Anyone?  Anybody?  That’s right, this is seriously limited company.  The Ford Mustang is set to enter a book of limited record, with today marking its 49th “birthday”.  So many people are teeming with excitement for next year’s rendition in the 2015 Mustang, that some are forgetting the true nature of awesomeness that comes with making it past the 40-year continuance milepost.  Pretty sure the Camaro can’t lay claim to this one.

So gear up, and get ready for #50 coming soon, by basking in the fact that America’s favorite pony car has never stopped inspiring fans globally; and isn’t likely to do so anytime soon.  All we can say is 2015 is going to bring some cool things with regard to the Mustang 50th Anniversary.

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