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2015 Reveal on SpikeTV Monday? Ford tweets a teaser

Not sure exactly what Ford is up to here, but early Sunday the tweet below showed up in our stream along with the above picture attached.  Maybe it’s a special edition? Maybe its the new 2015 Ford Mustang?  Be sure to tune if you are able, as we will and will udpate you as soon as we know what’s going on here.

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Eleanor Ford Mustang fetches a cool $1M

Given the fact that “Gone in 60 Seconds” wasn’t exactly the most thrilling of story lines, we all know quite well the flick made up for most of its lacking allure with plenty of automobile eye candy.  Domestics, exotics, customs, chops, and more all adorned the silver screen for audiences to take in, but no car seemed to capture everyone’s attention like “Eleanor”, a highly-modified 1967 Shelby GT500.  And if you do not know of the care we speak, well then, you need to turn in your Mustang keys right now…

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Mobile Mod Center 2013 National Tour

Ever wanted to get that hot new part you just bought for your Ford Mustang installed on the spot, instead of having to agonize in finding some solid shop time to get it done?  We have just the answer…seriously.  The Mobile Mod Center is currently geared-up for an inaugural road tour this year, hitting a plethora of popular automotive enthusiast events, and offering up installations & customizations for brand offerings such as: MRT, Kicker, Ford Racing, BF Goodrich, Webasto, ACE RAcing, SCT Performance Tuning, Gumout, Black Magic, Slick 50, and Gateway Classic Mustang…to name just a handful.

Sounds pretty sweet, right?  It is, and what’s more, this tour is officially sanctioned by the Mustang Club of America–how cool is that?!  Keep reading to get the rest of the dirty details and also check out the schedule to see where you can catch the Mobile Mod Center this year!

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Shelbyfest Ford Mustang fans not deterred by damp weather

Leave it to a bunch of Ford Mustang fans to not give a rat’s _ _ _ about what nature puts on them, right?  The 7th annual Shelbyfest in Hermann, MO held host to some of the most dedicated Shelby Mustang fans, with a solid car show, dyno runs, and a cruise which almost was (rained out).  Shelby Mustang specimens from the classical beginnings to today’s GT500 and GT500 Super Snake flooded the streets in parade fashion, turning heads and keeping smiles burning.  There were even a few Cobras and some original Shelby GT-H classics that showed up.  Not bad, considering the soggy weather!

For a couple more shots, head over to the local news page and check out their coverage…

Source: CountyNewsLive

Ford rolls out Millionth Ford Mustang at Flat Rock plant

So what do you do when you roll out your number 1,000,000 mass-produced model vehicle off the line on its 49th birthday?  You keep pressing out without taxpayer dollars, focusing on the amazing legacy built and the 50th anniversary Ford Mustang coming up–that’s what.  A mild celebration of quality pony car assembly yesterday at the Flat Rock Assembly plant, marked also the 5th-generation Mustang design back in 2004, and laid host to many smiles and handshakes across the hood.  After all, it’s not every year a vehicle manufacturer gets to boast the fact they have been on the same line for nearly fifty years, in the 6-figure unit count.

Number 1,000,000 ended up being a 2014 Mustang GT convertible, lacquered in Ruby Red (pictured), and definitely captured the attention of all in attendance.  It marks the fact Ford has sold over 8.5 million Ford Mustang units since its inception.  That’s awesome, I don’t care who you are.

Keep reading for the rest of the scoop in the official Press Release from Ford.

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Video – ROUSH No 61 Ford Mustang Boss 302R lap in Austin

In case you missed it, the ROUSH Performance #61 took top-spot on the podium at Daytona a few weeks back, and this weekend, the team is hoping to repeat the feat in Austin, Texas.  For the first time in the Grand-Am series, the race will be held at the new Circuit of the Americas race track, designed and constructed for the Formula 1 U.S. Grand Prix.  The field will be leveled with everyone being a newbie at this one, folks.

ROUSH #61, piloted by Jack Roush Jr and Billy Johnson, is ready to pattern the corners of the novel 3.4 mile, 20-turn road course in hopes of leading the pack and continuing to rack up the points for the season.  This video shows a couple of practice laps by Jack Jr in the ROUSH Boss 302R on the Circuit of the Americas, laying tease ahead for what is to come on March 9th, 2013 @ 4pm EST…the race itself.

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Brothers Performance Car Show April 13 in Deland FL

What better way to get things rolling for the season in your Ford Mustang is there than to gather with other fellow Stangers?  Hmmm, guess we can’t really think of one right now, either.  Brothers Performance is going to have a show & sales event on April 13, 2013 at their eastern United States location in Deland, Florida to kick it all into gear.  There will be a DJ, food, prizes, raffles, a free dyno, a sound-off competition, and editors from several notable Mustang magazines on-site.  So, if you’re in the area on this weekend, be sure to check out the show…we are sure it’s going to be a hit, just like every one of them in the past!

Check out the events calendar over at Brothers Performance for more details.



ROUSH #61 Ford Mustang wins at Daytona

The ROUSH Performance #61 Ford Mustang is once again atop the podium, and this time, it’s at Daytona to get the Grand Am Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge season going to full speed.  Jack Roush Jr and Billy Johnson took #61 to their second consecutive win at Daytona, ahead of some serious European contenders (Aston Martins, Porsches, etc).

That’s funny…we here at StangNet HQ were reflecting about how the Top Gear trio of hosts were just bagging on the GT500 (and many other American cars) in this past week’s episode.  Funny how a simple American pony car has two wins under its belt in two years, over a myriad of European makes.  Interesting food for thought, huh?

Anyway, enjoy the racing action breakdown in the Press Release which follows, everyone!

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Mustangs Across America plans for 2014 driving event

It’s time to think about warmer temperatures, Ford Mustang fans. Why is that? Because as of this post, there’s some serious arctic air settled upon much of the country, and to maintain any sort of sanity while chattering your teeth, you have got to think of something enjoyable to look forward to soon. So what better thing to think of than driving around in your Mustang, right? What about a road trip? Those are always solid…and 2014 holds the place for the Mustangs Across America driving event, spanning the entire US, from the west to east coast. This cross country Mustang cruise will kick off in California and end in North Carolina, with strong participation and fan following the entire way.

Want to know more about what’s coming up this year? Keep reading to get the skinny from the Press Release, following.

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Be a part of Octane Academy season 2


What’s that?  Think you’ve got what it takes to grab the wheel and post some awesome stats?  Put your skills where your mouth is, and gear up for the next round of Octane Academy, then.  Both coasts of the USA will get a chance to shine a light on the driver’s seat, get the chance to have 15 minutes of fame, and meet Brian Deegan, Tanner Foust, Vaughn Gittin Jr, and Ken Block as part of the mix.

So, what are you waiting for?  Keep reading, and let’s see what you’ve got!

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