Tbear and Wife Unit's DCAR 2008 GT

Our "new to us" Mustang was purchased late June 2013 with 22K .... it's a 5 spd.

tbear853, Sep 26, 2013
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    • Suek
      Beautiful car. I like what you did with it.
    • tbear853
      Thanks Much!!!!!

      As of 10-21-13 we've added the Hurst shifter, I've modified it,
      and added a clutch pedal extension
      and the stripes
      and an interior trunk button hidden
      and XM SkyFi docking setup / antenna
      and most lately, lowered the rear so all 4 fender tops are now 28.25" above floor (that's just over an inch drop at rear fender center top, no change in front)
    • Suek
      Very nice! It's fun to mod cars. I don't usually have much money, So most of the time I wear out my catalogs looking..HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Keep up the good work!
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