Mid-America Shelby Meet 2013: Late-Model Race

We absolutely had a blast running our Mustangs around the track at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit. The highlight of the two days we spent there was the MRT Latemodel Race. We had three Stangs in this race. 1. 1993 Mustang GT 2. 2011 Mustang GT RTR 3. Project Coyote Swap: Bondurant Cobra [media] View: There were some amazingly fast Mustangs in this race that included a Terlingua Race Mustang and a few Boss 302s. At the end of the day the Project Coyote Swap got into the winners circle with a 3rd place finish at Hallett Raceway! Congrats to Scott Hubbard for driving it into the winners circle.

MRaburn, Jul 12, 2013