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See our Speedometer Gear Calculator here! http://www.latemodelrestoration.com/products/Mustang-Speedometer-Gear-Calculator Tired of getting a different answer everytime you ask what speedometer gear you need in your Stang? Well we have created the ultimate solution to this problem - The LatemodelRestoration.com Mustang Speedometer Gear Calculator! All you have to do is plug in your transmission, rear end gears and tire size information to get the most accurate part for your Stang! This is the perfect speedometer gear tutorial for your SN-95 and Fox Body Mustang and best of all you don't even have to remember the calculation formula. Read the article in the link above for speedometer correction for all 79-2014 Mustangs. Be sure to bookmark this calculator and share it with your friends! This calculator will work for your manual transmissions such as Tremec t5, t45, TKO 500/600 and more. Plus it will calculate for automatic transmissions such as AODE, 4R70W and more! We carry a wide selection of Mustang speed correction parts, We also have gear kits available to save you time and money. 17,18,19,20,21,23 tooth Speed-o-meter Gears available 6,7 tooth Drive Gears available Visit www.LatemodelRestoration.com for all your Ford Mustang & SVT Lightning parts! For More Tech articles and videos videos visit: http://www.latemodelrestoration.com/products/Mustang-Tech-News ------------------------------------------------------ Want to see your ride featured on our social media platforms? Post up a picture on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Google+ account and tag your picture with #latemodelresto ------------------------------------------------------ http://instagram.com/latemodelresto https://www.facebook.com/latemodelresto https://twitter.com/latemodel_resto

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