1988 Mustang GT Restoration/Modification

Build includes a Dart block 331, 76mm Turbo, Cobra IRS, and much more

  1. False floor/hatchback area modifications

    I wanted to mount the battery in the rear to keep the engine bay clean, but I didn't want it in a huge battery box sitting in the corner of the hatch. Because of my desire to have a subwoofer in the spare tire well, there really isn't enough room to squeeze a battery in there too. While pondering solutions to my dilemma, I discovered a void between the driver side spare tire well and the frame rail. I've been on a cutting and welding kick lately, so naturally, I did some more cutting and...
  2. 03 Cobra IRS installation


    This is essentially the original write-up that I saw regarding the IRS install: http://www.mouthbreather.net/IRSSWAP.HTML .

    The write-up is very good and well detailed, however, I had one issue with some aspects of the install that I think may have been overlooked. My main concern was that the author made no mention of reinforcing the frame rails that the...
  3. Header modifications and breather can

    It didn't take long for me to run into my first snag. I temporarily bolted up my MM k-member and mocked up the engine in the car with my HP Performance hotside installed. I going to have to do some trimming on the passenger side for the turbo to fit, which I knew. I'm going to modify the boxed in frame rails to give a little more clearance to the header. Nothing hits on that side though....