Horse Sense - 66 Coupe to Fastback Conversion

66 Coupe to Fastback Conversion

  1. Dec. 29 2013 vent covers in place

    horse sence
    one thing i forgot to consider while making my covers was when shaping my covers on the English wheel ,the metal shrinks in size as the curvature is formed . i got lucky ,all the rivets worked ,just barely . they look a lot nicer formed to match the curvature of the quarter,rather than being a flat panel just riveted in place. i used a few aluminum rivets to hold them in place as i drilled the rive holes so they would not move around, they will drill out easily. the next problem will be when painting .if i paint the panels riveted on the car ,i am afraid the paint and clear will build up around the rivets, and with the rivets being there it will be hard to buff without buffing through the rivets. i would like to paint the covers off the car ,they would be easier to buff .but that would mean the rivets would be shinny and not painted and i am not sure how that would look. but it looks like this is the way i will go. i can use stainless rivets ,take them apart ,polish them and put them back together then pop them in.
    i have one of the inner panels in place ,i like the smooth look here . _MG_4152.JPG _MG_4153.JPG _MG_4154.JPG _MG_4155.JPG _MG_4156.JPG _MG_4157.JPG
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