Horse Sense - 66 Coupe to Fastback Conversion

66 Coupe to Fastback Conversion

  1. Oct.18 2013 primered a few pieces

    horse sence
    _MG_3925.JPG _MG_3927.JPG _MG_3932.JPG _MG_3928.JPG _MG_3929.JPG _MG_3934.JPG i haven't had much time to work on it lately ,been carpeting the house .
    had to put down a new floor first .what a job :nonono:

    i primered the end caps and side scoops and bolted them on ,just to keep them safe for now. i fit the R model front valance to the dynacorn fenders. the fenders needed a lot of work to reshape the lower part that meets up to the valance ,it wasn't even close to the right shape. i tried the valance to an old set of originals and they were a perfect fit . i had to use a sheet metal shrinker to form the lower part of the fenders because the metal just would not form by hand .i will not need any bondo they formed to fit nicely . i trimmed the mounting flange on the valance to match the flange on the fenders ,just to make it look a little cleaner ,and drilled the mounting holes and primed it front and back.
    i ordered the Shelby type hood from Stang-Aholics ,it should be here by tomorrow. the doors are ready to prime and so are the small parts but the fenders still need fitting up to the doors then they will be ready to prime .
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