Horse Sense - 66 Coupe to Fastback Conversion

66 Coupe to Fastback Conversion

  1. July 30 2013

    horse sence
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    i started working on the red one today.there is a lot that has to be replaced first .the rear door posts are rotted through.both rockers are rotted in the rear half.
    i don't like to patch pieces if i can help it but the rockers are hard to replace so i am going to do just the rear portion. i went just ahead of the rotted spot and cut off the back half at 24 inches. i then cut a new piece at 24 inches long. i drilled the new piece for plug welds and slipped pieces of rocker in side of it ,clamped it and filled in the plug welds. i then drilled the old rocker for plug welds and slid the new rocker in place . i made sure the points lined up and screwed the new piece to the old rocker. don't expect the new piece to match perfectly they are very slightly different ,but they matched up quite well after screwing them down. i then clamped the rocker to the inner rocker and welded the points first so they would not move. i then did the full weld ,removed the screws and welded in the plugs. it came out really nice ,no overlap of the outer surface and with the pieces inserted and plug welded they will be really strong and will take very little to make perfect.i will do the other side the same way.
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