Horse Sense - 66 Coupe to Fastback Conversion

66 Coupe to Fastback Conversion

  1. Sept 1 2013 sanded to bare metal

    horse sence
    _MG_3685.JPG _MG_3686.JPG _MG_3688.JPG _MG_3690.JPG _MG_3691.JPG i haven't had much time to work on it , but i did get it sanded down. i was looking at it the other day and noticed blisters and lines in the black coating and the weld through so i sanded a spot .i found that there was writing under the coating in either felt pen or grease pencil so the coating didn't stick. i sanded it off with a D A sander. this is realy some straight metal....except for the wheel lip that i tripped against and hit with the sander:nonono:. now i have a dent. it's a small dent ,looks like i get to try out my new stud welder. it welds a thin stud ,and with a special puller i should be able to pull out the dent. not exactly how i wanted to try it out. once you pull the dent up you snip off the wire and grind off the left over nub :fuss:
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