Horse Sense -  66 Coupe to Fastback Conversion

Horse Sense - 66 Coupe to Fastback Conversion

i sprayed the bed liner today. one gallon did the inside floor,fire wall and the trunk floor . it took most of the day to mask it off. i wish they made masking tape square instead of round,i had to keep climbing in and out of the car chasing the masking tape every time i dropped it:rlaugh:. it can be taken off the rotisserie now ,if i can clean up enough pieces to put the old suspension back ,for now.
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i picked up the side scoops and i went ahead and picked up an R model valance as well. i measured the back lip on the scoops and found if i stayed at 5/8 of an inch from the outer edge the pop rivets will all hit . i drilled the holes in the quarter first . then i held the scoop in place and with a angle drill i carefully drilled into the lip of the scoop through the holes i drilled in the quarter,it would help to have some one to hold the scoop in place .just don't run the bit in your buddies hand he may not help you again:rlaugh:i drilled one hole first ,then i ran a sheet metal screw in to the scoop just snug enough to hold it in place. i then drilled the rest one at a time and screwed in each screw to make sure the scoop did not move .they fit very nice. now i can remove them and sand ,paint and buff with out ripping them off the car. the scoops will be pop riveted on after painting with stainless rivets with 1/8 inch washers slipped over the pop rivet inside the scoop ,they will not pull off. it is ready to come off the rotisserie but i think i am going to spray bed liner in the floor and trunk like i did on my 69 first.
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i picked up a 3 inch hole saw . marked the location for the duct ends and cut them out . the drill bit broke on the driver side wheel tub but didn't do any damage . i sealed the duct ends with 3 M sealer and pop riveted them in.i will find a different hose though, the ones with the kit were just way to thin for me .i ordered the scoops ,they will be next.
i picked up the brake ducts yesterday. i have to get a new 3 inch hole saw ,i want a nice clean cut hole. i thought i had a set of side scoops but i cant find them so i will have to order a new set. the flat bottom duct goes in the quarter scoop and just pop rivets in place ,on the inside of course. the curved pair go on the inner wheal tub from the inside and just pop rivet as well. i will seal them with black 3M putty strips. these ducts will not work on a coupe because of the window regulator assembly and slide track.
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i got it primerd to day .i love this primer . it is about the stickiest stuff i have ever seen .couldn't hardly take a step in the paint booth,my shoes would stick to the floor. i sprayed the inside and outside first just encase it over sprayed,the out side will be sanded any way, it didn't. i sprayed the bottom last because it will stay brown primer and i wanted it to look nice.
i feel sorry for the guy who has to restore it again in another 50 years because it will never come off.
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