Horse Sense -  66 Coupe to Fastback Conversion

Horse Sense - 66 Coupe to Fastback Conversion

4 1/2 hours ,doesn't sound like a lot of time but try holding a 2 1/2 inch high pressure hose with 90 psi at the nozzle for 4 1/2 hours and see how you feel :drool: i am beat. every thing cleaned up real nice. but the engine compartment,was a PAIN IN DA BUTT!! some one painted it with some kind of rubberized paint:fuss:i like to never got it off. i used 5 bags of sand just there. i didn't worry about removing all the brown primer because it was already blasted under it. now comes the chore of spinning and vacuuming until i get it all out. the next step is seam sealer on all the seams. i hope tomorrow.
i got my sand ,15 bags .that should be enough. 5 gallons of gass for Leroy.
charged up his battery.i will be blasting first thing in the morning. every thing is locked and loaded and ready to go. i even bought a brand new face shield so i can see what i am doing.
my primer made it in to day.seems know one in my area uses red oxide so they don't keep it in stock.i will have to order a couple gallons and just tuck it away because i will be needing more. i will be sand blasting i hope, tuesday. then i will seal all the seams with 3M tan seam sealer,that will take at least 4 tubes .then i will fill the 4 panel joints and it will be ready to primer and remove from the rotisserie.
i am still waiting on red oxide primer ,because every thing i order has to take forever to get here:fuss:, so i narrowed a 69 9 inch to 66 width. its pretty easy .just jig it up in the band saw so it cuts true, and then take the bearing retainer and ckuck it up in the lathe and cut it loose. two inches come off the 69 housing each side then the bearing retainer is cut down in the lathe to 1 inch and pressed back into the axle tubes with a jig i have for aligning the ends while in the tubes. now 66 axles from a v8 will fit in the new housing but i will order new 31 spline axles from Currie .i already have a nodular carrier but i need a track lock and a new set of 350-1 gears
this is the last of the welding ,the quarter window holes are filled in .i cut a patch of 18 gauge, formed it to fit and held it in place with a welders magnet.great for hands free work. i tacked all the corners first then about every half inch making sure the surfaces were flush all the way around and fully welded them in.i ground the welds and it was done. it is ready for sand blasting and epoxy primer. i have to shuffle a few cars around to get it in the paint booth ,the 69 is temporarily getting evicted . once blasted i have to seal all the seams with 3M tan seam sealer then red oxide prime. going to check with my paint shop again to see if they have red oxide primer yet ,if not i will order SPI red oxide . one last look before blasting .