Horse Sense - 66 Coupe to Fastback Conversion

66 Coupe to Fastback Conversion

  1. Sept. 1 dent ...BE GONE!

    horse sence
    _MG_3692.JPG _MG_3693.JPG _MG_3694.JPG _MG_3695.JPG _MG_3696.JPG _MG_3699.JPG i just could not stand it ,that dent had to go . i got out my stud welder ,another Harbor Freight goody. before you can say weld, it is welded .the tool i made from an old pop rivet gun .it pulls the metal up flush with the surrounding surface and stops. it took 6 studs and about 30 minutes and the dent was gone. a light brush...
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  2. Sept 1 2013 sanded to bare metal

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    _MG_3685.JPG _MG_3686.JPG _MG_3688.JPG _MG_3690.JPG _MG_3691.JPG i haven't had much time to work on it , but i did get it sanded down. i was looking at it the other day and noticed blisters and lines in the black coating and the weld through so i sanded a spot .i found that there was writing under the coating in either felt pen or grease pencil so the coating didn't stick. i sanded it off with a D A sander. this is...
  3. Aug.26 rolled fender lips

    horse sence
    _MG_3669.JPG _MG_3671.JPG _MG_3677.JPG _MG_3673.JPG _MG_3674.JPG _MG_3676.JPG _MG_3679.JPG _MG_3681.JPG i rolled the lips on the front fenders today. started by getting a 1/8 inch wire cut to length and pre bent to fit inside the lip. i use the bench as the dolly it is soft wood and will not dent the radius of the wheel opening along with a moving blanket to soften the...
  4. Aug.25 2013 upper a arm drop

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    _MG_3666.JPG _MG_3667.JPG _MG_3668.JPG _MG_3665.JPG i dropped the upper a arm mounting holes, 1 inch down and 1/8 inch back for 65-66 . simply one inch down for 67-70, you do not have to fill in the upper holes . start with a small bit so the holes don't wander off your mark then go to the larger bit . the a arm slides right in . there is a bit of flange around the holes inside the engine compartment that will have to be flattened...
  5. Aug.20 2013 radio opening repair

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    _MG_3664.JPG _MG_3657.JPG _MG_3658.JPG _MG_3659.JPG _MG_3660.JPG _MG_3661.JPG _MG_3662.JPG i rolled the rear wheel lips and tacked them to the inner tubs,they came out nice. then i started on the butchered dash . there was a 1 inch hole to the left of the key switch that i filled . the radio open had been cut out . i had an old dash with a good radio opening so i cut out the piece that i...