Horse Sense -  66 Coupe to Fastback Conversion

Horse Sense - 66 Coupe to Fastback Conversion

i got it on the rotisserie this morning .took the rear end out all by my self ,that sucker is heavy! the leaf spring bolts are stuck in the leafs of course
so that will be my next project. i have to pull the trunk lid and the doors back off so i can flip it over .i have a small amount of welding under side to do and a bit of fixing around the radio opening and it will be ready to sand blast and prime.
my parts finally came in . the doors are very nice ,about the straightest i have seen. however the grain is not correct . it is much heavier than the original ,more like a crinkle finish. the fit is wonderful though .the driver door bolted on with out having to adjust the hinges.the pass. side needed just a bit to make it fit . the fenders are close but not that good. the gap between the door and fender is uneven but nothing that cant be easily fixed. the big problem is the inner brace is not welded in .it is welded at the top and at the bottom but not one spot weld in the middle.
i cut the radiator support and battery apron out and replaced it with the support with the cross brace welded in place already. this is a nice and heavy piece .i spot welded it in along with the battery apron. the fenders are just setting in place but it already looks great. it is ready for the rotisserie now.
got bored and decided to build the roll bar .made the hoop first ,then the cross bar and the down bars. i fish mouthed the ends so they would fit up tight to the hoop. just about broke my wrist with the notching tool when the saw hooked up and the half inch drill spun me around. broke all the teeth off the hole saw and bent it .i got lucky. any way , i tack welded all the pieces together inside the car to make sure every thing fit the way it was supposed to, then took it back out to weld . put it back in place all welded up and welded it in the car. it cost me a whole $29 .00 lets see you buy a roll bar for that .
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i made the last two brackets to mount the interior fiberglass. i also attached the roof brace to the door post . i bolted the rear valance on to see how it would fit ,drivers side is just about perfect but the pass side needs to be extended about 1/8 inch to get a tight fit . and because sooomebody didn't like my yellow trunk lid i sanded it off:rlaugh:
the red car went home today so i started on mine again. i made the brackets that mount the rear seat bottom to the floor,4 in all and welded them in place .i will not be using the back seat but i figured why not?

i pulled out my other rotisserie and put it together. took about 30 minutes to put together,it simply slips together and bolts . it takes about 30 minuets to put a car on it using my lift .i just lift the car and slide it under the car and lower it till it lines up and bolt it down. i built this one and my other one ,and a few more .it is fully adjustable, up ,down ,in ,out and side to side.i can balance a car where you can turn it with one hand.
still waiting on a radiator support before it can be bolted on.