Horse Sense -  66 Coupe to Fastback Conversion

Horse Sense - 66 Coupe to Fastback Conversion

the red car is finished. i loaded it in the trailer and it should be going home tonight. i still have some work to do on mine , soon as the new fenders and doors and radiator support come in.
i made the patch pieces for the door jamb and welded them in and ground them smooth. they came out nice, no more quarter window holes. i also made the pieces to attach the roof rear brace to the door post and finished the interior .
just a bit of grinding of a few spot welds and it is finished.

i ordered both new doors and fenders for mine ,going to try out Dynacorns new doors i figure with all i have done it may as well have all new body panels ,though i will stay with my yellow trunk lid because i haven't seen a good trunk lid yet.
i bent all of the inner pieces in the sheet metal brake ,welded the drip trays ends and attached the mounting for the inner fiberglass to the drip trays. it is all welded in place and welds are ground. there is still a few welds to grind , and i have to fill in the holes in the door posts for the quarter windows, and attach the rear roof brace to the door posts and this one is ready to go home . i should be able to finish it tomorrow .
the out side of old red is finished .i started making the inner pieces. glad i made templates of every thing. laid out the patterns on my sheet of 18 gauge sheet metal. a few minuets with the sheet metal shear and they were cut out. i have a few bends on the sheet metal brake tomorrow and they will be ready to weld in.
i got the quarters and the back window panel welded in place on old red.the roof brace is held in place by screws for now.the roof is setting in place the fit is right on .i still have to spot weld the bottoms of both quarters but that will not take long. i have to weld the tail panel to the quarters and the back end is done. for such a beat car it sure went together easy. i should have the exterior finished tomorrow evening.

horse sence, T