iRacing Mustang Challenge Season 2 - Race 8 - Silverstone

iRacing Mustang Challenge Season 2 - Race 8 - Silverstone

*Revolution Race Group is a race team on's Simulation Motorsport service. Currently competing for a Championship in the 2014 Season 2 Mustang FR500 Challenge Series.

FR500 Tech Specs

Aluminum, 4.6 liter, V8

Bore/Stroke (mm):

Compression Ratio (in/mm):

325 bhp

Six-speed, Tremec T6060 Ford Racing/Torsen limited-slip differential; 3.73:1 rear axle ratio

3,600 lbs (with fuel & driver)

Power to weight ratio:
11.08 to 1

Joe Pisciotta Jr. - Team Principle / Spotter / Car Chief.
Jared Jewell - Winner & 1st in the Point Standings.
Mike Wille - Off this week & 2nd in the Point Standings.
Todd Honczarenko - Off this week & 7th in the Point Standings.

Race 8 - Silverstone Circuit Short Road Course
Jared Jewell qualified P1 with a 1:04.788 for the Sunday June 22nd 4:15 EST race. *Note- Mike Wille & Todd Honczarenko off this week.

As car chief and spotter for Jared our strategy was simple- starting P1 the goal was to run away from the field. Jared needed to avoid using up the tires early so we would have them later in the 24 lap run.

The plan worked perfectly for half the race as Jared pulled out to a 2+ second lead over 2nd place Loren Bateman. Jared ran consistent 1:05.0's to 1:05.3's until the set up went tight and understeer became an issue. This allowed Bateman to erase a 2 second lead with 5 laps to go. Jared had just enough to hold onto the lead and take the checkered flag over Bateman by .351 seconds.

Jared has increased his point lead over RRG driver Mike Wille and Season 1 Mustang Challenge Series Champion Patrick Bieri currently third. There are 4 races left in the season and the next race at Okayama, Japan's long circuit.

Special thanks to our sponsors Stangnet and Late Model Restoration.

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Video of the Silverstone race is on our YouTube Channel.

Pictures of the Silverstone race:

Jared Jewell takes the green flag from the pole.

After 1 Lap Jewell starts to put distance between he and 2nd Place-Loren Bateman.

After several laps Jewell's lead grows to over 2 seconds.

Last lap of the race Loren Bateman erases a 2+ second lead to fight for the win. Jewell's drive off on the last turn was the difference as he won by .351 seconds.

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