Oct.21 2013 1967 Shelby mods, done by Shelby American

what Shelby did to a mustang body to become a Shelby mustang

  1. horse sence
    Picture 030.jpg Picture 029.jpg Picture 001.jpg Picture 009.jpg I would like to show what was done to a Mustang body to become a Shelby Mustang .please feel free to add to this resource. the images i have are of a real 67 Shelby GT 350 S . lets start with the rear end caps. the end caps have a flange molded on the inside of the caps ,three 5/16 bolts were used to attach them to the quarters. j clips were used on the flange ,same clips used to attach the front fenders on all Mustangs , the bolts went through the quarters form the inside. the holes in the end of the quarters were enlarged to aid in alignment of the caps. the ends of the quarters were hammered flat so the caps would set flat against the quarters. the end caps were hand laid fiberglass and it appears bondo was used to fill any gaps. i have a few hundred images so this will take some time .