Oct.21 2013 1967 Shelby mods, done by Shelby American

what Shelby did to a mustang body to become a Shelby mustang

  1. Nov.2 2013 67 Shelby hood

    horse sence
    _MG_4004.JPG _MG_4010.JPG _MG_4006.JPG _MG_4008.JPG _MG_4009.JPG _MG_4007.JPG _MG_4005.JPG _MG_4001.JPG _MG_4002.JPG _MG_4011.JPG this is a real Shelby hood ,although it has seen better days. it is 3 inches longer than a steel hood. it was hand laid fiberglass and rough on the bottom. the latch area has a steel insert that was part of a steel hood and bonded inside the under bracing. the area where the hood hinges bolt is a fiberglass insert that had nuts glassed in to them and bonded inside the under bracing.this area has come loose in this hood. the under bracing had another insert inside that does not appear to have been bonded in ,it is loose inside the under bracing and must have been for stiffing . the hood pin holes were a 1 inch hole in the hood and a stainless plate that was pop riveted to the top of the hood .the hood pins mounted to the radiator support and a bracket extended the pins forward while the hood bumper stayed in its normal location. the black hood shows what the bottom of a hood would have looked like painted. if you do not think the original fiberglass had air bubbles in it just look at the last pic ,and i found air pockets all over this one. i have seen a 67 Shelby hood with a steel under brace, but most of them will be all fiberglass.
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