Oct.21 2013 1967 Shelby mods, done by Shelby American

what Shelby did to a mustang body to become a Shelby mustang

  1. 1967 Shelby nose cone

    horse sence
    the nose cone or nose section was one piece and hand laid fiberglass, although some early ones were two piece as Shelby was having trouble fitting them so they were cut at what would be the stone deflector . the headlight bucket area had a flange on the inside that mated up to the front fender.this one has nuts bonded inside the flange and studs were screwed into the nose section. the grill was pop riveted to the nose section as was the lower grill. there were two types of grills, inboard lights and out board headlights. the reason being, some states it was illegal to have the inboard lights. the headlights were mounted to the front of the fenders by a square bracket ,sorry i don't have a pic of this,and used Mercury type lights and not very fun to fit. a stainless trim ring finished off the headlights from the front in the nose section. there was a bracket that mounted to the fender brackets at both fenders behind the nose section that supported the nose section and also mounted the front license plate ,the nose section pop riveted to this as well .the whole nose and grill and bracket could be removed in one unit. Picture 048.jpg Picture 069.jpg Picture 071.jpg Picture 065.jpg _MG_4115.JPG Picture 067.jpg Picture 042.jpg
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