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Oct.21 2013 1967 Shelby mods, done by Shelby American

the nose cone or nose section was one piece and hand laid fiberglass, although some early ones were two piece as Shelby was having trouble fitting them so they were cut at what would be the stone deflector . the headlight bucket area had a flange on the inside that mated up to the front fender.this one has nuts bonded inside the flange and studs were screwed into the nose section. the grill was pop riveted to the nose section as was the lower grill. there were two types of grills, inboard lights and out board headlights. the reason being, some states it was illegal to have the inboard lights. the headlights were mounted to the front of the fenders by a square bracket ,sorry i don't have a pic of this,and used Mercury type lights and not very fun to fit. a stainless trim ring finished off the headlights from the front in the nose section. there was a bracket that mounted to the fender brackets at both fenders behind the nose section that supported the nose section and also mounted the front license plate ,the nose section pop riveted to this as well .the whole nose and grill and bracket could be removed in one unit.
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this is a real Shelby hood ,although it has seen better days. it is 3 inches longer than a steel hood. it was hand laid fiberglass and rough on the bottom. the latch area has a steel insert that was part of a steel hood and bonded inside the under bracing. the area where the hood hinges bolt is a fiberglass insert that had nuts glassed in to them and bonded inside the under bracing.this area has come loose in this hood. the under bracing had another insert inside that does not appear to have been bonded in ,it is loose inside the under bracing and must have been for stiffing . the hood pin holes were a 1 inch hole in the hood and a stainless plate that was pop riveted to the top of the hood .the hood pins mounted to the radiator support and a bracket extended the pins forward while the hood bumper stayed in its normal location. the black hood shows what the bottom of a hood would have looked like painted. if you do not think the original fiberglass had air bubbles in it just look at the last pic ,and i found air pockets all over this one. i have seen a 67 Shelby hood with a steel under brace, but most of them will be all fiberglass.
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the upper scoops or air extractors didn't require much modifying .just a little enlargement of the mounting holes in the front two an the rear mounting holes. the scoops actually allowed air out of the car ,they were blocked off in the front inside. they were hand laid fiberglass and rough on the back side. the pair i have are real Shelby. the mounting tabs were simply flaps of fiberglass and used the same J clips as the front fenders. three bolts from the inside of the car mounted the scoops /although i have seen scoops with another in the upper middle and using bonded on studs instead of bolts .mine have three bolts . the scoops off the blue care were the early scoops and had the red lights mounted in the rear of the scoop,sorry i don't have a pic. the easiest way to tell if they are the real thing is the rear opening is smooth all the way inside. aftermarket scoops have a joint line where the inner piece is bonded to the outer shell.
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the tail lights were 67-68 Cougar . mustangs tail light were removed .
long openings were cut in the steel tail panel for the Cougar lights to fit through and they were not cut clean ,they were just simply cut out with what looks like an air chisel .the first Shelby i worked on still had the coil of metal from the cutter still attached to the metal panel.the tail light mounted in a special can that pop riveted to the tail panel .the fiberglass panel then screwed on the out side .the lenses were next and the whole unit was sandwiched together by the tail light trim. the studs for the trim came through the can inside the trunk .there were two sets of holes, one set for the tail lights them selves and the other set was the outer trim ring.
the trunk lid bumper was moved to the tail panel .it was simply a hood adjuster .67 -70s all had this and if you want to get a good alignment on the trunk lid i would use these.
i dont have a pic of the tail panel off but it is very thin . i also do not have pics a real 67 trunk lid but the bottom of the lid was rough fiberglass not smooth .i hope to get some pics later and add them .
the side scoops were hand laid fiberglass and made of two pieces bonded together.the two mounting studs were welded to a small flat plate that pop riveted to the back of the scoop before the halves were bonded together. the brake duct cone was bonded to the back of the scoop as well.the other cone was pop riveted to the inner wheel tub and a 3 inch hole was cut in the wheel tub. a flex tube joined the two cones to vent air form the scoops to the rear brakes.the scoops replaced the two finned vents in the quarter panels and the strip between the two finned vents was drilled to mount the scoops. the inner mounting plate for the finned vents was cut away,and not very cleanly.the cone for the brake ducting on the scoop passed through the lower opening for the finned vent. this scoop is off of my black car ,it is a real Shelby scoop . the ones for the blue car were missing.
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