StangNet's 1986 GT Project

StangNet's 1986 GT Project

Been working on the interior. Recolored from Canyon Red to Grey.

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Thanks to LMR and Prestige Mustang for helping us source the needed parts.

I have updated the suspension to the Eibach Pro Kit, which included, springs, struts, shocks, swaybar and bushings.

I also update the front brakes to new hardware and replaced the bearings.




Time for updates. I have done some suspension and brake fixes over the last few months and will post those soon. I finally got the interior door panels installed with all new hardware. Panels are from TMI products and the door hardware I got from LMR.

As I move forward I will be posting the updates here and hope to have this car back on the road in 2 months.



p.s. No the Bronco is not for sale, it's next! :p
The cars trim and exterior has been completed.


From Late Model Restoration we used:

Ford Logos
Front Turn Signals
Front Side Markers
Rear Deck 'Mustang GT' Decal
Door Lock Set / Black
Cowl Cover
5.0 Side Emblems


All metal trim
Rear tail lights
Some moldings

All metal moldings were removed and painted. The trim on the car had been painted several times. To get it looking as new as possible we removed all the metal trim from the door window frame. There are many pieces there tied together. Removing them is delicate and hairy, but the finished look is worth it if you have the time. The mirrors probably had 5 coats of paint on them. This is another part we could not source new so we took our time sanding them down and painting.


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For the early FOX GT's that run the GT Embossed side molding, there are no buy 'new' replacements. I imagine this is due to copyright issues with the Ford 'GT' logo. Our's were in pretty rough shape but decided to tackle them and see how 'new' we could make them. Quite pleased with the final look.


The ones on this car had been painted with Black trim paint covering the entire molding. Not sure what approach to take to save the GT part, I just went to town with a grey scrub pad. It worked!


Basically, the light grey look of the GT part is embedded deep in the rubber, so take liberty in just scrubbing it clean without fear of removing any color. I used water and a grey scrub pad to clean it up.

I then used some liquid masking material to cover the GT area before paint. After applying the SEM Grey paint, I then removed the mask and all is well.

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