StangNet's Project 67

This is our progress build resource for our Fastback project.

  1. Engine Update

    The 428 CJ is coming along.

    This is an all Iron (Fe) setup. We have an original 69 428 block, CJ Crank and CJ Heads.

    So far...
    428 CJ Iron setup
    Comp Cams and Rocker Kit
    Eagle Rods
    Diamond Pistons

    Our calculated compression is about 11.5:1.

    The block is bored and honed.
    The heads have been worked and built.
    Crank, Cams, Rods and Pistons installed.

    photo 4.JPG photo 2.JPG photo 1.JPG

    Thanks to Comp Cams for helping us our a bit with our setup!
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