StangNet's Project 67

This is our progress build resource for our Fastback project.

  1. Body In First Primer

    Slow and steady! First coat of primer is on. Only 2 more blocking's to go. :) We will then start on the bottom the car, seam sealer, coating and body color. Then we will put the suspension back on and make a roller again.

    The car will be painted twice. First round is just to get color on everything and lock it down. We will then build the car out, dings and scratches can fall where they may, and then we will assemble the entire body, sand and paint again to get the metallics the way we...
  2. Primer Going On

    It's been a bit slow but the Holidays and colder weather has slowed up down.

    The initial blocking has been done with Reface and now primer has been applied to the doors, hood and deck lid. These will be wet blocked again to make sure there is no question they are straight.

    The body will be going on the rotisserie soon and having the under body done, engine bay painted and jams cut in with paint.

    Stay tuned!

    photo 1.JPG photo 2.JPG photo 3.JPG ...
  3. First Blocking Done - Reface done

    Car and parts have been blocked down for the first time. It will be blocked 2 more times after primer goes on. If you look you can see the black coming through showing where the high spots were and now the car is smooth with no waves. The remaining reface bondo you see on the car is thinner than paint.

    Next week she goes on the rotisserie so we will be removing the suspension and starting on the underbody. Doing the seam sealer and coating.

    IMG_3526.JPG IMG_3527.JPG ...
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  4. Original 428 Cobra Jet Crank

    Yep... have had this for several years stored in the corner, had always thought it was a 390 crank. It's actually a 68 428 CobraJet crank. It mic'd out just fine at 10/20. Gonna have the journals polished and rock and roll. ;)


    I've got all the other parts found and needed to build a true FE Iron. An original block, crank and 428 CJ Heads.

    Now shopping for the cam.
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  5. Color is Changin, Reface is on to start blocking #1

    We finished getting all the gaps the way we wanted. Fitment has been done and now we have taken her back apart and will start finishing all the surfaces.. we started with UPOL Reface to block it down.

    Its nice to finally see it all in one color!

    Clean door jams! Removed the body seams and smoothed it out. Lower smooth C's are in too and you can see the clean look it presents.


    No more seams in...
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