1985 gt

  1. G

    85-86 door body moldings on 87-93

    Hello, First time Fox body owner. I’m having trouble hunting down clean doors for my 86 GT hatch. Mine are rotted. I know they had the same body moldings for 85-86 and changed them in 87. Is it possible to install the 85-86 body moldings on the newer doors? I know they wouldn’t fit directly...
  2. Ethan Keirn

    Engine 1985 GT

    Hey guys, just recently picked up an 85 GT with an edelbrock performer 302 intake, E303 cam, holley 600, and a full exhaust. As far as I know the valve train is stock with stock heads, could i go ahead and upgrade to better springs and 1.7 rockers with my stock heads? If so how much power would...
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    Stock 85 GT 5spd
  4. J

    1985 mustang gt 5.0L carb (M) serial code engine wiring harness and under dash wiring harness

    hey I have a 1985 mustang gt carbureted and someone before me chopped up the wiring under the hood and dash, really need help finding a new harness so I don't have to keep dealing with this nightmare electrical situation, should I take it to ford or a local mustang shop or an auto electrical...
  5. droopie85gt

    Progress Thread Time to sweat and build a 2.3 tower of power

    I've been on here a while and thought I would post a thread on my 85 over here. I've been primarily on Another since I bought this car about 7 or 8 years ago. History: I got divorced and decided I needed another hot rod. My brother and I had previously had a pretty hard core back half 83...
  6. droopie85gt

    Electrical 1985 Gt Wiring Questions

    A little background. I've had a 85GT for 8 or 9 years and it had a 3g alternator upgrade when I got it. I've converted it to Holley Commander 950. I am in the process of replacing the C950 with the HP ECU and want to redo all of my wiring I used to install it originally. I am also wanting to...