1988 gt

  1. H

    Fox Body Mustang 1988 5.0 AOD - Overdrive Cable

    Hello and good day everyone ! . . . I am extremely new to this place, making my account only this week and this is not for myself but for a Puerto Rican friend of mine, she owns and is the 3rd owner of a " Fox Body Mustang 1988 AOD Transmission " 'stang. I've googled and found a total of 4...
  2. Foxbody1988

    Engine Head gasket or what?

    Hey guys i have a few questions i am very lost on. To start the vehicle is a 1988 ford mustang gt. I rebuilt the motor about 4 months ago. Its bored over .30 with aluminium heads, cam, intake. the whole 9 yards just not boosted. I had some issues with compression and pulled the heads off turns...
  3. Foxbody1988

    ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED 1988 mustang gt

    Ok guys I have a lengthy question/issue. So I rebuilt my motor about 4K miles ago. Fresh bore, hone, pistons and rings.. the whole nine yards. I noticed it was lacking power so I did some compression checks. I only did 3 cylinders and they were all relatively low numbers between 65-100 to be...
  4. Foxbody1988

    Would this get me to 300rwhp?

    Hi guys, so I’m relatively new to this forum and I would like to hear from some people who can tell me a little more about what would make my car reach 300rwhp. I would like to start of by saying I don’t want nitrous oxide or any boost. I just want naturally aspirated. I don’t plan on any...
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    Modded 88 GT 5 Spd
  6. FrankenStang88

    Exhaust Borla S Type

    Has anyone here bought the borla s type exhaust for their fox mustang? I got mine installed yesterday and really cant believe what i had done to my car. After it was professionaly installed, i started it for the first time and... nothing really. No borla growl. Just some soft and super quiet low...
  7. 88mustang on a budget

    88 Gt Hatch

    My 88 fox is begining to piss me off.. More so the guy who **** me when i bought it. This is my very first build. Im 21 have a daughter on the way. Am on a budget. But ive already dumped like 5k in this counting the 2000 i paid for it. Most recently i bought the bellhousing plate so i could...