1989 foxbody

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    Idles Fine, Rev engine High Manually, engine comes down and dies.

    I am having an issue with my 1989 Ford Mustang with a 2.3L 4 cylinder. Car sat for about two years and is a convertible model (don't know if that matters but giving all information i know), i drug the car out this weekend and worked on getting it running. I believe it had roughly a quarter of...
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    Digital Tuning Anyone know this Superchip?

    Pulled this out of my 89, guess a previous owner put it in. I had no idea it was there. Anyone know what it does? Only thing to identify it is the microchips really. Looks like there used to be a sticker on the guard covering the microchips but it's long gone now.
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    Considering rebuilding my 1989 mustang GT 302

    I have a 1989 mustang GT 5.0 manual trans I believe the car is bone stock besides a cold air intake. I have never attempted an engine rebuild but. I have always wanted to my goal for the motor is to make around 400rwhp I don’t want it to be a daily driver but I am seeking reliability I wanna be...
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    1989 wont start after motor swap

    im having some issues my old 5.0 in my 1989 gt wasnt running good and my dad had a complete with accessories 1994 5.0 that i could have so i swaped and put my 1989 upper and lower intake on the 94 block and kept the 94 accessory set up and put it in the car. i started it up started first try...
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    1989 Foxbody Rear Lock

    Hey guys I bought a new lock for the trunk on my 89 foxbody but I have no idea how to install it.. when I bought the car it had no lock in the back so I didn’t have to take it apart. I’m confused on the lock extension and where it goes on the lock itself. Any one have an idea how to fix this...