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  1. Lawdawg86

    1994 mustang GT convertible top out of adjustment

    So I bought the car from the PO, she told me they’d replaced the top but that it sounds like somethings not right in the back. She told me the drivers side top won’t go all the way up to latch and so she worried it would break window. Never worked on a convertible top before but what adjustments...
  2. N

    Please Help I'm Having Trouble with my 1994 Mustang GT 5.0

    Hello, I'm new here and saw that this was a community for people who own mustangs. I own a 1994 Ford Mustang GT 5.0. I haven't be able to use it because every time I start the car, it'll go dead almost immediately if I'm not hitting the accelerator or it'll run fine for a few minutes, then I'll...
  3. N

    Mating a 1994 Mustang 5.0L to a 1988 2.3L body harness, HELP!

    So I had a wrecked 1994 that I pulled 99% of all usable parts off of, and a 1988 I had bought a while back. I'm hooking up a 1994 engine harness to the body, but I'm stuck on a few connectors and at this point I'm thinking I'll have to cut/wire/repin parts of the harness. The problem is, I can't...
  4. In the sun

    In the sun

  5. Daddys girls GT's

    SN95 New 5.0 Car Build Bogs At Hit Of Throttle

    Guys I need some help! Just finished a 306 build with big heads, equal length headers, single plane intake, .554 cam and a Holley 750 ultra street carb. Runs great after 2500rpm but bogs at the hit. Bogs with a 1700rpm power brake and a 2300rpm trans brake launch. I adjusted carb and timing...