1. M

    2000GT with vacuum leak behind dash

    Hello all, What is the best way to get behind the dash to repair the vacuum leak? Do I go up behind the glovebox or do I need to pull the control console for the air and stereo out? My 2000 GT has, as the title would suggest, a vacuum leak behind the dash. This is the vacuum circuit that...
  2. M

    Doors from 2000 feel lighter than 1996

    When I was at the wrecker pulling my 'new' s197 seats, I noticed the doors on a close by 2000 really felt lighter than my doors (1996). My questions are; One. Are there weight differences? Two. Will 2000 bolt on a '96? Three. Were they made of different steel? maybe aluminium? Thank you
  3. L

    What's it Worth? Is this 2000 Mustang with Mach 1 engine swap worth the price?

    I found a guy selling this project car. It's a 2000 Mustang with an '04 Mach 1 engine swap, with 136,000 miles on it. It needs new struts, which I can do fairly easily, and some other cosmetic work. All is sound with the vehicle mechanically, as far as I know. So, I ask, is this car worth the...
  4. J

    2000 GT Idle/Running Issues

    Hi kids. Longtime listener, first time caller. So I bought a 2000 Mustang GT. Auto car. 203xxx miles. The previous owner said it's had the crank sensor, cam sensor, throttle position sensor, fuel pump, fuel filter, battery, brakes, complete stereo system, all of suspension bushings, tie rods...
  5. M

    Please help!! Engine tick in the new edge Mustang GT

    So I bought my car six months ago and it’s been running and driving great. It’s 2000 new edge Mustang GT. About a month and a half ago (roughly) it randomly started an obnoxious ticking noise. I’ve found this is a common problem among my model of stang. I’ve run seafoam, done a motor flush and...
  6. 2000 Ford Mustang Cluster Gauges bouncing (continual reset loop?)

    2000 Ford Mustang Cluster Gauges bouncing (continual reset loop?)

    This happens when the key is in the ACC position. I also have a problem with the fuel pump, so the car will not start. Any advice?
  7. MoDriver

    SOLD New Hawk Performance Hps Front Disc Brake Pads Hb194f-665 Mustang (see Description)

    Listed are New Front Hawk Performance HPS brake pads. Fits Brembo 4-piston caliper "Gran Turismo" 13" front brake kit*, 2000 Ford Mustang Cobra R, early(1992-2001) Dodge Vipers, and most(2000-2005) Ferrari 360s. Please do your research on fit for your specific application (I have included...
  8. A

    Paint and Body Front Bumper Repair

    I own a 2000 Mustang GT and my bumper has fell off. The two main clips in the middle are now broken and seem unrepairable. Has anyone been able to fix this or any ideas on how to because a new bumper is very expensive so I am open to all ideas. Thanks for any advice or help you guys can give.
  9. Pruittracing

    Help 4.6 Engine Tick

    Hello I'm new here first post now about my problem I have a 2000 mustang gt with the 4.6 it has 144.000 I'm having a tick coming from the engine it's a constant tick that gose with the rpms it dose it anytime the engine is on need help don't know if this helps but it dose burn a little oil and...
  10. J.dement

    Old Stang, New Owner! (nashville)

    "The Old Shall Be Made New... Eventally." SUP! I'm Joey! Just recently obtained a 2000 V6 Electric Green with 195k miles on it. With all the features! (excluding sunroof) Until recently I was the poster child for neglectful car ownership, and it caught up on me. Bad. So, after my finances...
  11. Dillon Terry

    2000 Mustang Gt Speedometer Issue!

    How's it going boys, this is my first post on stangforum, but I've been on for weeks reading other posts and searching and so far I didn't find anyone solving this problem. 2000 GT Mustang with a 5 speed manual. When I accelerate down the road the speedometer doesn't start working until I'm...
  12. Caydink1998

    2000 Mustang V6 Shaking

    i don't know much about cars this why I come here for help, well just this morning I woke up had to drive somewhere and I turned my car on and it was shaking not violently but very noticeable and I've read on here with people who had similar problems and I'm hearing tons of stuff, engine...
  13. 2000 Mustang GT

    2000 Mustang GT

    What do yall think? 18 Year old College Kid, Did almost everything myself!