2001 mustang cobra

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    ‘01 Cobra Speedo off

    Any advice as to which box to buy to reset my speedo. Previous owner upgraded to a numerically higher tear end and speedo is off between 11-16 mph. Of course it is recording miles faster too. Any advice or guidance would be much appreciated.
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    2001 Cobra Engine Advice Needed

    Hey guys, So I bought an 01 cobra about a month back now and it had a nasty knock which I was aware of before looking at the car. From what I heard and what Ive read online Im assuming its a thrown journal bearing. Im in the middle of pulling the motor, but once that happens Im not sure what I...
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    2001 Cobra A/c Drag

    I have an 01 Cobra, 81k miles. Mods are Offroad H pipe, flowmaster 40s, K&N intake and steeda springs. I feel a very noticeable difference in performance when I have the A/C turned on (usally for the GF). Ive heard 5-10 hp drain, but somtimes it feels more like 30hp. I mean it feels like I've...