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    Does Ford Performance make 3.73 gear for v6 mustangs?

    I know Motive makes rear gears for 2005 v6 mustangs, but I've heard they tend to make noise at highway speeds. The mechanic that's going to do the install for me recommend getting gears made by Ford Performance. I'm having trouble finding the gear I need, so I'm just wondering if Ford even makes...
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    2005 Mustang - Dealer says PCM Driver needs to be replaced!

    Hi everyone, I am currently having issues with my Mustang 2005 ENG:4.0_Liter, I hear a knocking noise under the hood every time I am at a stop light pressing the brake and yesterday it suddenly stalled and had to shift back to parking and turn it back on again, and not the first time that this...
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    my 2005 Mustang
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    2005 Mustang Convertible Leaking

    I've had my 2005 mustang for close to a year now and never had problems with leaking until this month. There was almost a foot of water on the driver side rear footwell. I read it could be a drain hole and to park my car so the front is slanted down and now there is water in 2 spots on the...
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    2005 Mustang With Extra Unidentified Key Fob; No Crank No Start, Sometimes

    Hello all! I am the proud new owner of a 2005 GT vert I purchased used from a dealer. This will be my 2nd mustang. However when I purchased the car it came with an extra key fob. The fob is on both key sets. And I presume it's an aftermarket security system. There's a button on the center of it...
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    Replacing Shaker 500 Help Plz

    I bought a 2005 v6 mustang this march and have had problems with the shaker 500. I don't listen to the radio and it doesn't have an aux port so I make cds and play those everywhere I go but they often skip. I read this is a common problem and I want to get the stereo replaced. I literally know...