1. jeannelle101

    Engine building basics/ torque spec help

    Hello everyone. This will be the first time ive ever rebuilt an engine, I finally acquired all the necessary parts for it from piston rings to the fuel pumps. I wanted to see if there was a write up for the engine assembly potentially, if anyone had tips for me, as well as if there is somewhere...
  2. elio3848

    4.6 Cobra Heads On 5.4 Triton block

    I'm looking to do 5.4 swap and I have a pair of cobra c heads. My main question is can I put 4v cobra heads a 5.4 block that was originally a 2v? I know the head will bolt up but will the 2v block allow 4v chains and tensioners be bolted up ?
  3. D

    Engine Drained oil capacity much lower than expected

    Hello all, I got my 2000 GT just about a year ago and did my second oil change today. The refill capacity for it is 5 quarts, but only about 3 quarts came out when I drained it. I have never seen oil puddles beneath the car. Any ideas why this would happen? Thanks!
  4. jeannelle101

    Best block / parts for Turbo build

    Hey guys, I was in the final stages of putting an on3 turbo kit on my 04 mustang GT. Then a leakdown and compression test showed that I have some pretty bad rings in cylinders 3 and 6. So instead of tuning I want to build the engine. My goal is somewhere around 800whp. I want to keep it...
  5. S

    98 Gt Power Gains Help

    Hey everyone I was wondering what kind of power gains I would see from my 98 gt by adding bbk long tubes, bbk off-road mid pipe, and slp 2 catback. I was also wondering if anyone has this setup or similar to it and knows how loud it really is? Thanks.
  6. B

    Transferrable Parts Between 2008 3v And 2002 2v

    Hey guys, I was wondering what you could swap over from a 2008 manual 4.6 3-valve to a 2002 manual 4.6 2-valve. Recently was given a wrecked 3V with all mechanical functions still working. The main questions I have is, could I put the 08 transmission into my 02, they are both TR3650, But his...
  7. M


    Those who have done it tell me all about it. Did you upgrade anything other than injectors? Power gains? Did it actually eat through anything? A safer e70 tune worth it? There's tons of rumors out there that are just rumors. Hoping to get real experience an even some tuners words of wisdom if...
  8. X

    5.4 Swapped 01 Gt

    finnally making some progress on the 5.4 going in the 01 gt. Here's some pictures
  9. X

    5.4 In A 2001 Gt

    in the middle of a 5.4 swap. If anybody is looking at doing it I am more than willing to help out follow me on Instagram (jhouseworth281) I'm only at a shortblock right now but should be done by next spring doing it right so I'm taking all the time I can. If enough people request I can put up...
  10. X

    Swapping A 5.4 Into An 01 Mustang

    Currently swapping my 01 mustang with a 5.4 liter motor already have the rotating assembly and in the process of getting it shortblocked. Then will come heads and cams already have everything planned out my only questions really are is there any little things to look out for? Such as headers not...
  11. 1NSTY2VSLN

    Best Shift Point??

    So I've been debating what the best place to shift at is when doing a hard pull. Normally i shift slightly above redline right about 6000-6100. I know the max hp is at 5250 rpm so that is about 800 rpm above peak hp. But with my stock 3.27 rear end, when i shift i drop down to 3900-4000 rpm...
  12. N

    Does Bbk Still Suck?

    I just bought and installed BBK long tube headers on my 2 vavle. They seemed pretty good. But I just looked on some of the forums and everyone's saying they are garbage. But those posts where 4 years ago. A lot changes in 4 years, sometimes. A lot of things don't...I'm wondering if anyone has...
  13. A

    Need Help With 2000 Gt Saleen Supercharged

    Hey everyone im new to this page. I have a saleen supercharger that i want to put in my 00 gt but i want to know if i have to change my wiring harness. I have the whole set up and saleen ecu too.