1. 8

    Engine Piston Identification Help(Roller 5.0)

    Hey there guys, new to the forum. Excited to be here. A little bit of a back story in the situation. I have a 1983 convertible 5.0 4 speed. I bought the car about 9 months ago. Drove it 50 miles and the engine became off balance and insisted on dying unless under heavy throttle. Did my first...
  2. mattbaker302

    help with timing

    okay, so I just swapped the intake on my 71 302 and put an Edelbrock 4 bbl on it. I've got my timing light out and ready to go but have no idea how to use it, it has a dial on the back. I have only 1 mark on my balancer at top dead center. I need to tune the carb but wanna time it first. I'm 16...
  3. 1

    For Sale 302 with T5 World Class Transmission (350 HP) (MD) $5500 OBO

    Hello, I have a 302 mated to a T5 world class 5 speed transmission that had roughly 1000 miles before the car was wrecked. Everything on the engine was new when it was built. I will include a picture of the build parts. Its under an engine hoist ready to go and be dropped into your muscle car...
  4. C

    Engine (Problem) Converting 1987 fox to carbed setup

    I recently have converted my 1987 speed density fox to a carbureted setup with gt40 heads, tfs1 cam, weiand stealth dual plane intake, and a 600 edelbrock carb. the car idles fine and seems to rev up smooth. The problem is once the car is under load like going down the street it seems to be...
  5. W

    1971 Torino. T5 transmission swap

    Hi, I’m doing a transmission swap on a 1971 Torino. I bought a T5 transmission that was in a 1983 4 cylinder mustang. My question is what all do I have to swap out so I can bolt it to a 302 and can I use WC parts
  6. no_fox_given

    1994 5.0 mystery wiring connector

    Hello all, first time poster after owning this car for about 1.5 years now, bought the car already heavily modded. I've finally found a wiring connector that I am unable to find in any wiring diagram, FSM, EVTM, forum post or google search... The connector is on the body harness, behind the...
  7. PakstinN

    fox body running rough after see 130 amp alternator conversion

    alright so I am having a weird issue I cannot get to the bottom of. A couple of weeks ago, I went to take my mustang on a cruise and as the cruise progressed, the car became almost undriveable, I took it back to my shop and after a few minutes of looking things over, I discovered I had a bad...
  8. 1991 fox coupe

    1991 fox coupe

  9. MoDriver

    SOLD New Arp Pro 7/16" Rocker Arm Studs Part #200-7201 For Ford Small Block V8

    [Sold] Listed are new ARP Pro 7/16" Rocker Arm Studs (1 set), Part Number: 200-7201 for a Ford Small Block V8. I was saving these parts for a 5 liter (w/ Cleveland 2bbl heads) that I was going to put in a early model Mustang, but I no longer have that car. If you have bolt in rocker arms or...
  10. MoDriver

    SOLD New Arp Pro 7/16" Rocker Arm Studs Pn:200-7201 For Ford Small Block V8

    [SOLD] Listed are new ARP Pro 7/16" Rocker Arm Studs (1 set), Part Number: 200-7201 for a Ford Small Block V8. I was actually saving these parts for a 5 liter (w/ Cleveland 2bbl heads) I was going to put in a 66 Mustang, but I no longer have that car. If you have bolt in rocker arms or smaller...
  11. Pinkcloud

    302 Idle Help

    Hello guys I need help with my 91 mustang GT, recently replaced the lower & upper intake and had to remove the heads to get 2 broken bolts drilled out . Reassembled and whenever I start the car it jumps straight to redline and stats there .If I disconnect the intake tube it idles around...
  12. W

    Iso 1975 302 Frame Mounts

    I'm buying a 302 and a c4 auto trans out of a 1978 mustang II but the guy got the engine from a friend and doesn't have the frame mounts, and I can't find anyone that sells them. My car is a 1975 factory 302 car that a previous owner put a 191 (2.8L) v6 in it has a c4 currently in it so I'm...
  13. Fudge1218

    Building A 5.0 Engine

    First off if this is the wrong place I apologize don't really know the layout of the forums yet. But I'm building a 5.0 302 for my 83 convertible, and I was talking to a friend, who's very good at building engines and was giving me a lot of answers, but Im just trying to know if anyone' built a...
  14. 78mIIman

    Drivetrain 78 Ii 8" 3.80???

    Hi guys, Have a '78 II, with a 302- mild crane cam, forged rods, hyperuectic pistons, weiand intake, headers, and a holley 600 vac sec carb roughly 210hp to the wheels-with a c4 trans. Currently have an 8" rear end with 3.00:1 gears. Looking to change the gear ratio out to a 3.80 or a 4.11:1...
  15. PakstinN

    Bent 302 Cam??

    alright so a couple months ago I had the misfortune of blowing up my 5.0 (crank snapped...picked timing chain up off street) and when we were taking the cam out we noticed that it seemed kind of hard to pull the cam out of the first set of cam bearings, after that it came out perfectly...when...
  16. PakstinN

    Engine Ported Gt40p's??

    Hey boys, a short while ago I had the misfortune of snapping the crank in my gt40p headed 302 (how/why it snapped I have no idea) so I am currently going through the rebuilding process to get her back on the road..I already have a shortblock all done up and ready to go..HOWEVER, when the crank...
  17. Buddha_DUT

    Engine An Engineering Question On Improved Torque

    So I know that everyone loves to watch your engine twist when you hit that gas. It just speaks raw power. But when I look at that I see potentially wasted torque. Is there a concrete reason why someone couldn't brace your engine and tranny so that they can't twist and flex so that all of that...
  18. Ethan Keirn

    I Need Advice!

    Hello! New here, I am a young enthusiast that is eager to learn about cars, I recently bought a 1998 GT with a 5 speed and the 4.6 V8, I am contemplating swapping in a 302 as their parts are cheaper and easier to obtain, from what I have been reading its prettt expensive/difficult to build a...
  19. C

    1966 302 Project

    1966 coupe mustang with what we believe is a 302 5.0 from the late 60's with automatic C4 transmission
  20. B

    High Idle On 1990 Notchback 5.0 Help!!

    so guys i bought this 5.0 off my buddy and it came with bigger MAF ported upper lower intake and ported heads.. trickflow stage 2 cam.. shorty headers stock h pipe stock mufflers. car will idle at 1000-1500 rpm and come down to 800rpm after a minute or twi.. if i tap the gas pedal it will rev up...