347 stroker

  1. 7

    Suggestion for camshaft. Help appreciated.

    Hello all, Beginning my first time build of a 347 stroker in a 66 Coupe. I will be running the Eagle stroker kit with flat top pistons, 030 over bore. Have AFR 185 heads and plan to get an edelbrock air gap intake. I want to stick around 9.5:1 compression ratio to still be able to run pump gas...
  2. R

    Bad Vibration at 2000-3000RPM

    Ok I’m stumped. 1995 mustang v6 car converted to 5.0 I pulled the block this fall and took it down to the bare block. Got it bored .030 over, like honed, new plugs, cam bearings decked the block and got a scat street/strip 347 stroker kit installed. Here’s the rest… 347 stroker Ford F303 Cam...
  3. B

    347 VS. 331

    What's up everyone!? I've been looking and looking, talking and talking, but would really love to get a great answer on building either a 331 or a 347 for my 65 Mustang. I have heard so many horror stories about the 347 being weak and having massive issues with the rods and the side thrust...
  4. HeatShield

    Engine 347 Supercharge Planning

    Hey Guys, So I have a forged 347 currently running N/A with a 9.5-1 Compression ratio, E303 Cam, 30 lb/hr injectors, and a 190 L/hr fuel pump in my 89 Lx. I was told the motor was built for boost (hence the low compression ratio and cam). I am told it had a supercharger but the prev owner...
  5. EZ123

    What now?

    So I picked up a 347 short block from a buddy for 1k only put 2k miles on it. My major questions are Am pretty sure am gonna have to upgrade to a 70mm throttle body and bigger Maf along with am assuming 24lb injectors and not sure about the fuel rails or pump? What else would I have to upgrade...
  6. LarsD

    SOLD 1991 LX hatch 5.0 (347/TKO) Elgin, Texas

    1991 Ford Mustang LX 150K miles (roughly) Black, black/grey interior, 5 speed. $9000 Video of car running: View: https://youtu.be/7oDZwLrsQC8 Engine - 347 stroker (built by Woody at Ford Strokers), ARP fasteners through out the engine, 170cc Trick Flow heads, Trick Flow R intake, Comp Cam...
  7. LarsD

    What's it Worth? Whats my 91 Hatch worth roughly?

    91 Hatch, about 150K miles, OK paint and body. 347, Tremec TKO 600, mildly built 8.8, Bullitt brakes, tons of stuff done to it. I have it listed for $9K right now with the expectation to go lower, but have had no bites. South Texas area if it matters.
  8. N

    347 Mustang RHD Australian. Im new just sayin Gday

  9. H

    Cams and heads

    Hi I have a sn95 cobra i just got as my first car and am very interested in building it to a 347 down the road. I have experience in building engines just not anything serious mostly stock or small. Was wondering if someone could explain to me how to tell if a cam would work/fit in an engine...
  10. M

    Mustang 67 engine project

    Hello, I have a 1967 Mustang Hardtop and I am starting the preparation of the engine. Firstly I bought an 302 from a 1969 Mustang and now I am aiming in a preparation that give me around 400HP. The car will be used on streets, maybe once a week just for fun. To achieve this power I was...