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  1. H

    Close to finding my old 1991 LX 4-cyl..

    In high school I had a 1991 silver Mustang LX 4-cyl 5-speed and I'm hoping to find it and possibly buy it back. I called the DMV and managed to get the VIN number (I had sold it around 2000 and have zero paperwork on it) which I used on Carfax to find a general location of the car. After 29...
  2. S

    Electrical Need help with unidentified wire connector on 4 cylinder LX

    Found this connector under the front driver’s side fender. It is in the same harness as the windshield washer pump. Any ideas on what it is for? I just noticed the two prongs at the bottom of the reservoir, maybe part of the puzzle?
  3. S

    Suspension V8 power steering rack on 4 cylinder LX

    My power steering rack is puking fluid from the boots. I'm planning on doing a V8 swap but need to be able to get around with the current 2.3 liter for a while. If I replace the current rack with a V8 model will that create other issues? I appreciate any guidance.
  4. J

    93 mustang breaking up during acceleration

    Have a 93 lx that I bought a little over a month ago. Had some issues, and it sat for a while. New to fox bodies and still new to this car In general. So some insight from experience can help. Before I describe my current issue, I’m going to give some history on the things that I have done to...
  5. T

    For Sale 1989 4cyl hatch rebuild 5-speed $1600 or best offer

    car guru listing:https://cargur.us/q0cf2 white 4 cyl hatch, rebuild, 5 speed has about 4000k miles on motor has an oil leak. car does run has lots of new parts, a/c lots of receipts mostly from o'reillys. rear seat delete saint george Utah 84790 1600$ or best offer
  6. 1990 Mustang LX 2.3

    1990 Mustang LX 2.3

    My 1990 Mustang LX.
  7. MoDriver

    SOLD Superchip For 2.3l Turbo Ford

    This posting is a high performance engine management computer chip primarily designed for use with 2.3 turbo Ford four cylinder applications using the PC1 calibration (see below for more details on application). This chip "piggybacks" the existing computer and optimizes full and part throttle...
  8. S

    88 Mustang 4 Cylinder Issues

    I bought a 88 mustang for my first car and I can't figure out what's wrong with it. Being a girl, I don't know very much about cars, some but not all, and my dad doesn't always have the time to help me. When I first got it, it had a brand new motor put in it. My dad and I cleaned out the gas...