4.6 2v

  1. E

    Help my 02 GT is leaking something!?

    Just wondering if any of you guys know what could be leaking from this photo? It's only that spot that looks damp. Note that it hasnt gotten as bad as to drip on the floor yet, and that's what I'm trying to avoid. I can't seem to tell if its water or oil. Hope you guys can shed some light on it...
  2. B

    Missing coolant sensor 4.6 2v

    Just wanted some info I had a 2010 Grand Marquis motor put in my 01 GT and it is missing the etc sensor on the aluminum crossover. What is the best way to get a hole drilled for the sensor? Will the manifold have to be removed? Just want to know my best option as I don't have any drilling...
  3. D

    Cooler thermostat to solve pinging

    Hey everyone, hope you all are staying safe during this virus. From day one I've been trying to crack down my problem of pinging with low rpm high load situations. Now I do have a bama tune, before everyone attacks me, I know, it's not the greatest but I've had great luck with them. They worked...
  4. Levi.Productions

    1996 Mustang GT Build (Ew to New)

    Figured I should start a thread for my mustang project. We start our adventure last summer, when I had gotten my licence a few months ago. I had been given my grandpas old honda pilot (mainly for insurance purposes I normally drive my dad's truck) and was given the ok from my parents to sell the...
  5. 9

    Saleen wheels

    I have a set of real saleen wheels 18 x 8.5 all around made by speedline in Italy dose anyone know what they would be worth looking to sell
  6. P

    Speedometer doesn’t work 4.6 swapped

    my speedometer doesn’t work but every other gauge does on my 99gt cluster my car was a 2004 v6 swapped with a 99gt everything I don’t know how to fix this speedometer problem my obd2 read the car is going 17 kph max even when we are on the highway
  7. V

    Hydro Boost Install Process

    I have a 2000 GT and I ordered a new hydro-boost. I was wondering what the process and steps are to change one out. Do I have the bleed any fluids and replace them? Do I have to purchase and new gaskets and or o-rings?...etc
  8. D

    SOLD [FOR SALE] 1996 Mustang GT Convertible / 4.6 - Automatic /Former Virginia car

    1996 Mustang GT Convertible / 4.6 - Automatic /Former Virginia Car, 112,000 miles Car has NO Rot or Rust, Runs excellent, have 2 sets of wheels/tires (all new) for the right price Asking $6500.00 or Best Offer, **** Make an Offer****** Attleboro, MA 508-269-2072
  9. metal mike

    What's it Worth? 1996 mustang twin turbo

    4.6 stroker all forged internals trans 4r70w full manual 3500 stall tube front end I made all the stuff on the engine.
  10. T


    Hi so I have a 2000 Mustang Gt Manual , and I want to supercharge it I have someone that’s experienced and willing to install it for me For $1100 if I buy the supercharger and the conversion parts , 1st question do you recommend me buying a used supercharger off a 03 Cobra? And will it perform...
  11. D

    No electrical power issue

    I was driving down the highway in my 2002 mustang gt (138k miles) on my way to work when all of the sudden my car lost power. The car cycled on and off very quickly and i was able to drive home. I put the car neutral and let it sit for about an hour. When i tried to start the car again there was...
  12. D

    1997 4.6 Super charger help needed

    Hey everyone I'm looking into super charging my 97 gt and wondering if anyone can recommend a good and cost effective company to buy one from. Also if you have any advice or tips as to what to get where etc. Please comment. I currently have a CAI, cat delete, x pipe, and flow master mufflers.
  13. M

    Pypes discontinued on AM?

    I have a 2000 mustang GT with a pypes offroad h-pipe. I want to get longtubes but pype's does not sell longtubes on AM or LMR. I did some research to see if my midpipe will fit longubes such as bbk or mac since my midpipe bolts on to the stock manifold; however, they say that you need a shorty...
  14. 9

    Please help!! 1997 Ford mustang GT Pi head confirmation

    Hi I have a 1997 GT and I decided to do a PI intake swap and the gaskets needed no modding and the intake sat perfect but I noticed that the non Pi intake I took off, the gaskets didn't line up correctly and we're actually partially in the intake holes. Is this a clear representation that I have...
  15. A

    2003 GT 4.6 - Best exhaust from 3 options

    Hi, I have a completely stock 2003 Mustang GT 4.6. I have three local exhaust opportunities each at $100 1: Stock system just replacing mufflers with Borla Bullet Style mufflers 2: Stock system with Flowmaster Super 44 mufflers 3: BBK Offroad X pipe 2.5” with Dynomax Super Turbos I’m looking...
  16. S

    1996 4.6L SOHC 5-speed

    Hi. I have been having some issues with my 96 GT. It’s been running really rough. I checked out the codes on the computer. Given there was no check engine light on. Number of codes came back like P1101, P1124,P1116,P1151,P1132. As well as communication error with the ecu. The code was P0605...
  17. F

    Proud 2kGT Owner Looking for Info

    What up Fellow Stang Owners! Bought my SN95 a few months ago from my neighbor. May as well have stolen it from them for what I paid. Either way, the car was half dead and barely running. I've done a decent amount on it thus far (tune up, coolant flush, oil change, & rear drums and brake pads)...
  18. K

    Loose Cam Follower, need help! Video included

    What’s up guys, i’m new to this forum so forgive me, but i really need help. So, story of the car, its a 2000 V6 mustabg, that I swapped to a 97 4.6. I bought the motor, did an overhaul, all new bottom end bearings, bolts, oil pump, rings, etc etc. Originally, when i built the motor, i had NPI...
  19. Autojoe04gt

    4.6 2v Intake advice

    Just got a 04 Gt and looking at doing some bolt-ons this winter. Gotta do something with the family this winter Wanting to do an off road h pipe, CAI, Under drive pulleys and Throttle body. But I also have to replace the clutch, all the light housings and repair a few little things. But...
  20. O

    Engine 98gt To 00gt

    So I came up on a 2000 GT convertible auto.. the price was right and I needed an engine for my 98 GT 5speed... I thought it was a simple swap but thinking about it I feel like I’m missing something.... first things first my 98 has the two coils the 00 has the coil on plug system, will this work...