1. R

    Suspension 88 coupe rust issues

    What’s up, I’m new to stangnet and have a couple questions about an 88 fox body I am very interested in purchasing. The owner says that the strut towers need to be replaced, and there’s small rotting towards the driver side of the floor pan. My main concern is the tower rusting. Will this be a...
  2. C

    What's it Worth? should i buy this fox body and what should i ask

    wanting to buy this fox body. any helpful info on buying would be appreciated.
  3. TTHORNE267

    Engine Trick flow head identification

    Can anyone tell me what kind of heads these are?
  4. stang89bidges

    SOLD 1989 Mustang GT 5.0 Black, Hatchback, T5, DFW Texas

    Selling my Mustang everyone. It's a 1989 Ford Mustang GT Hatchback with 100,500 original miles!! The car is still mostly stock and in excellent condition. Garage kept most of its life. Everything in the car works. I have owned the car for 8 years now. Never been wrecked. Clean title. I'm in...
  5. Foxbody1988

    Would this get me to 300rwhp?

    Hi guys, so I’m relatively new to this forum and I would like to hear from some people who can tell me a little more about what would make my car reach 300rwhp. I would like to start of by saying I don’t want nitrous oxide or any boost. I just want naturally aspirated. I don’t plan on any...
  6. B

    Engine Smoke and burning smell when coming to stop

    I’ve been getting smoke out of the exhaust and what I think is a burning smell when coming to a complete stop. This only happens usually after going down a hill and low RPMs and a little bit of engine breaking is involved. It’s an auto car so when I say engine breaking I mean like 1,300 rpm or...
  7. T

    15k for upgrades

    I have a 1994 Mustang gt and I want to start putting on some serious performances parts but I don’t know where to start. Suggestions on performance mechanics and performance upgrades are needed! Remember that if you tell me about a mechanic make sure they work near me, I’m from Thousand Oaks...
  8. D

    SN95 What should be connected next to the grey connector on top of the Ignition Coil?

    Can anyone ID what is missing from the grey connector on top of the ignition coil? I have tried finding it in images on other cars but have never seen anything like this on any other car that I have found. It's been missing for quite some time and I could not find any mention of it in the Haynes...
  9. I

    88 GT 5.0 (Carbuerated) No Start

    Hey, guys! New to the forum. I know someone must have answered or attempted to answer this question before. I purchased an 88 Ford GT 5.0 convertible from a guy who could't turn a wrench. Last season the car would fire right up on a cold start, hot start not so much. I have changed the ignition...
  10. no_fox_given

    For Sale 1994 GT 5L Trickflow h/c/i Tremec TR3550 Saleen copy - $7000 (Ann Arbor, MI)

    Asking $7000 firm. Florida car with no rust and in great condition ready to drive anywhere. Installed Parts: Air Intake BBK 8010 Mass Air Meter 76mm Ford CX1842 IAC valve OE AIT sensor Professional Products 70mm throttle body SR performance intake Speed demon heat reflective gold tape...
  11. RaggedGT

    SN95 Smog Pump delete pulley

    Are all smog pump delete pulleys for 5.0’s the same? I have seen them listed under ‘79-93’ and ‘94-95’ - though they do look a little different,the dimensions seem the same.. Now that I asked that,ima ask this- who’s got one laying around that they would sell on the cheap? If one of you guys has...
  12. S

    Explorer 5.0 swap

    I have a 4cyl 1990 car and I just bought a 98 explorer with a 5.0 and automatic. how can i get the ecu and harness from the explorer to work? the mustang will have a manual in it so how will i get the ecu from the automatic explorer to work with a t5?
  13. J

    Paint and Body 1992 GT - gt tail lights "cheese grater" cover

    i want to tint my stock gt tail lights but i need to remove the covers first, how do i remove it without ruining it so i can put it back on after? and how do i put it back on?
  14. 1989LXFOX

    Engine SVE Top End Kit Fit Question

    Hello everyone, I had previously posted a thread about SVE heads (which was answered, thank you). After learning that I also had to buy rocker arms, hardened push rods, lifters?, gaskets etc the original spend of $800-900 quickly escalated. I was looking at the SVE top end kit on LMR...
  15. B

    Please help me with my 1995 Mustang GT 5.0

    If someone can please help me with my 1995 mustang gt 5.0. I bought this car for 800 bucks hoping to fix it up. The speedometer and odometer both do not work, so i replaced the Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) and it did nothing, i even checked the wiring and it looked fine. Also if i am in neutral...
  16. 1989LXFOX

    Engine SVE Aluminum Head Swap Question

    Hello all, I was looking into buying these to put onto my (mostly) stock 302. I ma not planning on racing this car, just ziping around neighborhood. I had a few questions: Can I use the rocker arms off the stock E7 heads? Do I really need hardened push rods? I assume the stock cam will work...
  17. C

    New to Fox body help needed

    Hey everyone I have a 1989 Mustang GT hatch back 5SPD manual transmission my brother got it for me as a Christmas present this is the first Fox body I’ve ever owned I’ve always wanted one but don’t know much about the mechanics the problem I am trying to figure out is when the car is running...
  18. 5

    2014 Mustang GT Knocking

    Hey everyone, I have been having some issues with my 2014 Mustang GT these past couple of months. I had an error code P0430 and P0315 pop up back in November so I took it to the shop and had them do an in depth look to figure out what was wrong before I jumped to replacing the catalytic...
  19. J

    Fox 1992 GT - which exhaust setup?

    i want an exhaust setup with a deep and throaty rumble sound, similar to the slp loudmouth catback but something deeper and maybe not as loud. i was thinking flowmaster super 10's with an H pipe and some long tube headers. if anybody knows of any other options i could go for that are for a...
  20. G

    For Sale $$$ 2012 GRABBER BLUE GT 5.O FOR SALE $$$