1. N

    86 5.0 Fox Body No Crank Issue (fusible Link/clutch Safety Switch)

    Hey guys, new to the group and the proud new owner of a 1986 302 GT, been on my car bucket list since I can remember, lots of plans! So here's the scoop; I traded the my 4runner for the car knowing it needed some work. Drove it for a few days before I went to go out and she wouldn't crank...
  2. S

    Need Help Bad Please !!

    Just bought a sweet 95 model with 90 miles on it. Driving it home it died. Towed it home. Figured out I had no fire or fuel going through the injectors. Started with coil, then ignition module, finally the pip fixed it. It's basically stock. Drove it around a week or so. Ran it very low on gas...
  3. A

    Powersteering Rack Upgrade Questions!

    My car is wondering on the road and I have a steering wheel vibration at around 45-60 mph. The steering in general is just terrible. The passenger side wheel when jacked up has about an inch movement left and right. The tie rod end appears to be tight. The steering rack however is moving back...
  4. A

    2000 3.8 V6 Swap To 5.0

    Okay, so i have a question, (I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to mustangs) I have a stock 2000 V6 3.8 Mustang, My friend has a rebuilt 301 5.0 with a 327 Stroker Kit. He has all the tools and necessities to swap it into my mustang and is willing to do so, completely free, including...
  5. 201AlphaMale

    New To The Thread

    need some advice currently driving a 1994 Gt 5.0 current mods are cai, bbk shorty headers, flowmaster 40s with custom muffler delete, off road y pipes and 89 octane tune.... She's automatic sitting on 18x9 18x10.5 AMR's I'm looking to increase horsepower and add more of an aggressive sound I...
  6. S

    Expired 1991 Mustang 5.0 Lx Auto - All Original $7,500 Obo

    This is an impeccably maintained, all original 1991 Mustang LX 5.0L Hatchback. Auto Trans; Oxford White exterior with Titanium Cloth/Vinyl interior; and just over 108,000 pampered miles. This Mustang was purchased new by my mother and owned and gently driven by her until she passed away two...
  7. kingleodiorio

    Flex Plate Or Flywheel

    hello, I'm getting ready to put a new motor in my 67 mustang. It's my first project and I've ran into a small problem. I'm mating the engine (1978 5.0) to a c4 automatic transmission. Do I need a flex plate, or flyeheel? do I have to get it balanced for my engine, or are they generic in that...
  8. RaggedGT

    Favorite Movie/tv Cars/cars In General

    MadMike had a thread going asking what One car would you want if money etc was no object.. And he called me out on posting the Cars of the movie "Bullit" lol So I'm stealing his thread topic(kinda) and asking. What's your favorite Movie/Tv cars or just cars in general?
  9. S

    SN95 Exhaust (mild Mods) Questions And Opinions

    I recently bought a 1995 5.0 5 speed stang. I will be swapping the h/c/I and a few other bolt ons. I bought bbk shortys and have an x pipe. I bought exhaust cutouts but accidentally got 3 inch instead of 2.5. Would 3 inch sound good? Or would I lose performance with that big of piping? Also what...
  10. Trenton Mattison

    Please Help 1988 5.0!

    I have a 1988 Foxbody. Driving to the gas station the car bucked and the "CEL" came on. Got home and hooked OBD1 Scan Tool up and only getting code "66" Mass Air Flow. The car will idle super rough and often die when first started but after the computer detects that there is a problem and the...
  11. ekg_80

    Restoring My 1994 Mustang Gt At Home. (video)

    Hey there, I have been working on restoring my first car from high school which is a 94 Mustang GT 5.0 5spd. I have a lot planned for this car, and have been keeping pretty busy on it. I will be posting links to some videos I will be posting on the progress of this build. I will be...
  12. The Chicagoan

    Hello, New To The Page, Just Bought My First Mustang!

    Hello, I Just bought a 89 fox body notch back and I'm in love. It's my first real project car and my first muscle car. Body is rust free and came with a rebuilt 302 connected to a c4 trans. Welded mini cage, frame ties and little things here and there. 5 lug conversion, soon to have disc...
  13. H

    Engine 94 5.0 Overheated And Caused A Mess Of Problems

    Hey everyone new here just wondering if anybody can offer some help on some issues. So a couple weeks ago my car overheated on a really hot day during a 2 hour road trip from picking up my sister from her moms. I was about 45 minutes from home and my car went from O on "normal" to the red zone...
  14. M

    Engine Shattering Noise From Engine At 4000rpm

    Shattering noise coming from the engine not sure if its rod knock or the bearings. It happens when I press on the accelerator, the higher the rpm goes the louder the shattering sound gets.
  15. A

    SOLD ’94 5.0 Mustang Gt Street / Track Car, Sunset Orange; Asking $16,000

    asking $7,500 Dallas, Texas licensed for the street set up for the track/ready to race Complete engine rebuild last September; less than 100 miles since rebuild and NO track time. Installed Mahle forged steel pistons, new rod main bearings, oil pump, timing chain and gears, water pump...
  16. spoulson

    Expired 90 Lx 5.0 Modded, Delaware

    Hello, I'm looking for a good home to pass on my Mustang. It's served me well, but my interests have changed and I need the garage space. Asking $8000, negotiable. I'm in Middletown, DE. More pics also available for easier viewing: View: http://imgur.com/a/S5Boi Car is red with titanium...
  17. accarguy

    New Member - 5.0 Cam Upgrade

    Hi there I am new to this site and I actually do not have a mustang, but I do have a 2000 Explorer with the 5.0L. I am going to be upgrading the cam and I was hoping some body that has some experience with doing so could I've me some feedback about which cam to go with. Right now have found a...
  18. J

    93 5.0 Fox , Miss Shift , Clutch Wont Engage. Help?

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the Forum and looking for some friendly help. I Just got my Foxbody last year and has been in storage up until a couple weeks ago i got it on the road. Today i was driving and miss shifted into first while coming up too fast at a stop sign. (please keep in mind this is...
  19. R

    Glad To Find Fellow Mustang Owners

    well I'm an 56 year old ex body/mechanic now retired,hope to find some good people here, I own and built my 89 lx hatch, 5.0 5spd myself, top end done,reworked t5 1995,cold air intake,frame rail connectorsbbk down hpipe,flowmasters 40,s and tailpipes,hurst shifter,hurst linelockstorman norman...