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    5.4 2v N/A Swap Intake Build

    I'm looking into 3d printing a 5.4 2v manifold for a 5.4 2v swap. The reason I am looking into this is because I would love to do a 5.4 2v swap but from what I've gathered, there are 3 problems related to the intake with that swap. You can use the 4.6 intake with adapter plates, but your fuel...
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    5.4 Swapped 01 Gt

    finnally making some progress on the 5.4 going in the 01 gt. Here's some pictures
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    5.4 In A 2001 Gt

    in the middle of a 5.4 swap. If anybody is looking at doing it I am more than willing to help out follow me on Instagram (jhouseworth281) I'm only at a shortblock right now but should be done by next spring doing it right so I'm taking all the time I can. If enough people request I can put up...
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    Swapping A 5.4 Into An 01 Mustang

    Currently swapping my 01 mustang with a 5.4 liter motor already have the rotating assembly and in the process of getting it shortblocked. Then will come heads and cams already have everything planned out my only questions really are is there any little things to look out for? Such as headers not...