95 5.0

  1. M

    351 Swap on a 95

    So I've been poking around and doing a little research, and I was curious to know if there are any real benefits to doing a 351 swap. It seems the most I'll get out of it is higher torque and a higher displacement. Other than that, I don't see any real reason to. Though I am interested
  2. J

    Electrical Need Help!!

    Hi all, new to the forums but I’m in great need of assistance. Picked up a 95 5.0 and I have this huge drain on my battery with the key in the ‘run’ position. Not in any other position. Also it’s with the car off, car isn’t running right now because of a fuel pump issue but that’s besides the...
  3. K

    No Crank Or Start 95 Gt??

    Having toruble with my 95 gt changed transmission already checked sensors and nss was wondering if it has a ground cable if so, located where
  4. S

    Engine 95 Gt Fine At Idle Overheats At Speed

    Hey guys, Relevant upgrades: TFS aluminum heads and stage 1 cam, recent downsize from my 3rd 3 core aluminum fluidyne radiator to a 1 core O'Reilly (Lifetime Warranty), also a 160* thermostat(down from the initial 180* recommended by the guy I purchased the car from, but having chronic heat...