95 gt

  1. elio3848


    I have a 1995 mustang gt automatic with a built engine, it has a 331 stroker kit, stage 2 trick flow top end kit that comes with the trick flow stage 2 camshaft and full exhaust with x pipe high flow mufflers and around 10.5/1 compression. I just bought this car and the past owner gave me 2 SCT...
  2. DrSmart

    94 GT Convertible Speedo Electrical Issue

    The speedometer quit working years ago when my grandparents owned the car. They bought it new. About 2002 my grandfather took it to get inspected and it quit working after the inspection. I have change out the gears a couple of years ago, but I don't remember seeing the burned connection...
  3. S

    Expired Rear End Gears

    i have the original 3:08 gears removed at 35,000 original miles replaced with 3:73, positraction if that makes a difference, also Stock shifter Indianapolis In , 317-374-8668, text or call $ 75.00 gears $ 35.00 shifter
  4. autoxdriver

    Help W/ Remote Programing

    Hi all, just bought my first Mustang in a while (I've had many in the past) and I've just hit a dead end, hopefully someone here can help. It's a 95, I know this forum is 96 - 04 but as far as keyless entry goes I hear the SN95s are all the same so I thought this would be the best pace to ask...