1. K

    Interior and Upholstery Rear Passenger Floor Wet (HARDTOP)

    Hey Everyone I Have a 2002 Hardtop New Edge And Anytime I Used My A/c, My Floor Behind The Passenger Seat Is ALWAYS Soaking Wet. And It’s Not Just A Little Wet, I’ve Peeked Under The Capet a Little And It Was A Puddle ! I Live In Cali I Need My A/c Lol This Is My Very First Mustang So If...
  2. 0

    a/c only blows through the defrost and floor

    2002 new edge v6 convertible. a/c blows cold, but only through the floor and defrost vents. any suggestions as to what may be causing it? its pretty hot out here in vegas so it would be nice to get this resolved
  3. R

    91 Lx 5.0 r-12 to 134a issue

    About 2 years ago I did the r134a conversion kit from late model resto. For almost 2 years it blew ice cold with no issues. I didn't run my car for about 2 months due rain every day so it just sat in my garage. I recently went out to start it up, turned the a/c on and its now blowing hot air. I...
  4. M

    Please Help: 2013 3.7L is Hot (AC Issue?)

    Signed up and posting to try and tap the knowledge of the members here. You guys really know your stuff. So thanks in advance for reading! Background: 2013 3.7L manual black/black 38K miles, never a service issue other than oil, battery, tires. Have not done the Takata recall yet. Car has...
  5. J

    1995 AC Issues, please help!

    Hello all, I’m new here and got a 1995 GT. I’ve owned the car for a bit more then a year now and the AC has not worked since I got it. I replaced both the high and low pressure switches to see if that would fix the issue of the clutch not kicking in but of course, nothing... I also tried to pull...
  6. wiseguyk

    Electrical Is A/C compressor harness diode necessary?

    Hey guys, I'm nearing completion of wire tucking my 91 LX and had a question about eliminating the stock A/C compressor harness that has the diode in it. I did a r134a conversion and have an aftermarket Sanden compressor which only uses the single black/yellow wire to engage the compressor...
  7. S

    A/C Tree routing

    I have a problem with my 1995 GT. Whenever I turn on the A/C it only goes to the Defrost. Or whenever I put it on Floor or Vents it only goes to Defrost. Well I figured out why, On my vacuum tree the A/C nipple is blocked. There isnt a line there its just a block off. Im gonna buy some vacuum...
  8. I

    2001 Cobra A/c Drag

    I have an 01 Cobra, 81k miles. Mods are Offroad H pipe, flowmaster 40s, K&N intake and steeda springs. I feel a very noticeable difference in performance when I have the A/C turned on (usally for the GF). Ive heard 5-10 hp drain, but somtimes it feels more like 30hp. I mean it feels like I've...
  9. D

    2007 Mustang - A/c Blows Through Defrost Fix

    Hello All, I'll start with my problem was the Panel(Dash)/Floor actuator. I wanted to post how I fixed my 2007 mustang when the A/C would only blow through the defrost no matter where I turned the dial on the A/C, no knocking or clicking sound. I searched the web to figure out what the problem...
  10. C

    Gt Engine Rattle

    Hello, my name is caden, my account is new, but i have been surfing these forums for help with a constant, but unprogressive problem i have had with my 2005 mustang GT with just over 90k miles. The issue is a rattle coming from the front passenger side of the engine. I am absolutely certain it...
  11. A

    A Little A/c Issue..

    I'm new to this or any Mustang forum. I just recently purchased a severely used 1995 Mustang GT that needs some TLC. I'd like to fully restore it someday to its former glory with a little extra added horsepower. At this time I'm just trying to get it comfortable to drive and do some regular...