battery light on

  1. Russ Cochran

    I need some help with a charging problem on a 04 gt

    I have looked thru the threads on here and found some good information, but nothing has worked! Okay, here is what is going on and what I have done. I have completely rebuilt a 04 gt that I bought wrecked. I did an engine swap, added long tube header, EVE intake, cold air kit and car has x pipe...
  2. J

    Please Help Can Not Figure Out Electrical Problem

    I just bought a 2003 mustang gt three weeks ago and I have been chasing an electrical gremlin. the person before had spliced in a custom alarm system and I found the tail light fuse was blown. some of the things that I have noticed is when the car warms up the battery light comes on. had the...
  3. J

    Weird Voltage Problem.

    I have an 01 v6 manual which I can't seem to diagnose voltage issues. I had the alternator rebuilt and tested plus I made sure my battery is in good working condition and bought a new serpentine belt. Everything is good but the way it's working is when I turn the car on it gives me a good 14+...