body work

  1. F

    Paint and Body Scott Rod Fab Engine Panels

    I need some advice...I welded in the drivers side steel engine bay panels from Scott Rod Fabrications into my fathers mustang and I didn’t think it came out the best (I’m a beginner), so I recommended my dad hire an experienced welder to do the other side...MISTAKE! The guy he hired to weld in...
  2. Whammytap

    Fox Fairmont trim removal question

    Hi, all! I have a 1979 Fairmont station wagon with fake wood paneling. There is raised aluminum trim around the wood grain decals. The trim originally had a wood grain decal applied to it which is long gone, exposing a beige primer. I would like to remove this trim a)to inspect for rust...
  3. P

    Hardtop to softtop issue

    okay so I have a 2014 mustang gt convertible. And was wondering if anyone knew how to conv it to a hardtop.
  4. miss_molly_mustang

    Impact Absorber Replacement?

    Hi all, I'm almost to the "mod" stage with my car. I have finished all mechanical repairs and now I am beginning the body work. I'm just curious to see if anyone has replaced an impact absorber and if so, what troubles did you run into? I like to do my own work on my car, simply because 1) I...
  5. 7991LXnSHO

    Knee Joints And Manual Transmissions

    I tore loose a piece of cartilige in at least one knee crouching next to a small project in the shop. It did not take long, I just started using the stool as a sawhorse and forgot to sit. When I went to stand, my left knee could not support weight or pivot, and the right was not happy either...